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Friday Night Open Thread- MOAR STEVE

Still importing cd’s, and I opened the next box and no sooner got started when this happened: Nevertheless, I persisted: At this point it’s a battle of wills, and we all know who is going to win that. Hint- it’s not the asshole who gets out of bed at 5 am every morning to feed […]

Late Night Open Thread

Here’s a picture of Steve sitting in the dark at the top of the stairs bitching for food. He perches there so if I make any movement towards the stairs, he can race downstairs and be prepared for to inhale whatever I give him. He’s not getting anything until tomorrow morning.

Healthcare, Birthday, and other Bullshit

It’s truly impressive that the Republicans managed to make the House health bill care worse. But they got rid of the individual mandate and rich and healthy people benefit and will get tax cuts, so WINNING! I have nothing going on the next few days so may actually try to find protests and go march […]

See Ya In Court, Jackass

Or probably not, as this will quickly get thrown out: A Republican coal baron is suing John Oliver, HBO, Time Warner, and the writers for Oliver’s show over the most recent episode of Last Week Tonight. The suit, filed on June 21 in the circuit court of Marshall County, West Virginia, holds that Oliver and […]

Process Matters

No, this is not about health care. This is about the recent dudebro outbreak of PELOSI GOTTA GO that has been driving me crazy since Ossoff didn’t pull off a miracle in Georgia. I don’t think there is ANYONE out there who disagrees with the fact that our leadership needs new blood. Our bench is […]