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How We Got to Trump

One of the more vexing things about the current election has been the fact that the now, all of a sudden, principled conservatives who are #NeverTrump are basically being given a free ride by the media to absolve themselves of any responsibility for their party nominating Trump. This didn’t just happen. This took years of […]

Let’s Nip This Bullshit in the Bud

I am sick to death of journalists telling me how wonderful Kellyanne Conway is- “She’s nice, she’s a good person.” Bullshit. The way you tell if a person is nice is by observing what they do. Kellyanne Conway is raking in big bucks defending the indefensible, saying horrible things and enabling a horrible man to […]

An Interesting Breakthrough on the Science Front

This is very cool: Scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee have discovered a chemical reaction to turn CO2 into ethanol, potentially creating a new technology to help avert climate change. Their findings were published in the journal ChemistrySelect. The researchers were attempting to find a series of chemical reactions that could turn […]