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This is Not Normal

The fact that the GOP’s Cheeto Jeebus issued a series of tweets about an apparently new transgender policy (but not really, since there is no policy) has been discussed, but a couple quick things: After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow…… […]

Hello Juicers

Been busy with real life stuff for the last 48 hours so I haven’t been able to check the news, and the amazing thing is that I have exactly the same amount of information about what the Senate will be voting on today in regards to health care as do the members of the Senate. […]

Saturday Night Open Thread

Howdy! Another day spent in sweltering Connecticut, and I observed today that the corn is taller here than in West by God Virginny. ABC is putting the wee ones to bed, and I am sitting in the living room with a fan at my feet. Ate at a new Thai restaurant tonight, which, unlike the […]

Patrice O’Neal Was Right

I absolutely love comedians- there is nothing better than a good stand up comedian doing his thing. I particularly like edgy comedians who really take risks. I’m not talking about douchebags like Andrew Dice Clay, who just stand up and spew racist, misognystic hit. Edgy in that you think about things and it makes you […]

Made It In One Piece

I left later this morning so I would not be driving into the sun, which worked like a charm. I forgot, however, that it was Friday night and everyone was fleeing NYC, so the drive was hellish once I reached the NY border. There were so many bad drivers that I had to limit my […]