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Y’all Weren’t Kidding

I had to leave for about five hours, and when I got back I was going to give Lily a snack. But because I am giving Lily a snack, I had to give Thurston and Rosie a snack as a distraction. I had a half a can of cooked chicken in the fridge from yesterday […]

Morning Pupdate

She got a solid seven hours sleep, had breakfast, her morning meds, and I actually lost sight of her for about twenty minutes and when I realized she was not in the same room with me, I looked out the window and she was in the backyard pooping, peeing, sniffing, with her tail up and […]

Maybe Just One More Dog Post

So what I am being told is that cooking calf liver, letting it cool, slicing it into tiny pieces, and hand feeding it to your dog, making sure she goes to the bathroom, and then tucking her into bed is a bit over the top? I THINK NOT! Truth be told, the last picture looks […]

Oh Fer Fuck’s Sake Not Another Dog Post

I will probably at some point get back to posting about politics and other stuff, but not right now. Here’s a little video of nothing, really, other than the panoramic view from my chair: Also, Devon sends along these pictures of her previous foster Yuki who stayed here for about ten days. She is doing […]

Your Morning Lily Update

Lily and I had a great night’s sleep- we went to bed at midnight, woke up at around 7:30, and she was comfortable and happy. She went outside and got some sun, pooped and peed, had her meds and some food and water, and is doing well. So far the hardest thing has been mother […]

Back in the Saddle

Where she belongs. Always. Apparently after my earlier post I just decompressed, because I went to take a quick nap (with Lily, of course), and I woke up three hours later. I fell asleep with my hand on her belly, just feeling it rise and fall, and when I woke up, it was still there. […]