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That God Damned Parade

Every time I think about it it just infuriates me. Only someone who has never spent a minute in the military or who has no friends who have ever served would think this shit is a good idea. From the top to the bottom it’s a ginormous pain in the ass. Logistically, it’s a god […]

Dogs- Smarter Than Trump Voters

And better, too: “Donald was not a dog fan,” Ivana Trump wrote in her 2017 memoir, Raising Trump, recounted his resistance to her bringing a poodle named Chappy home. “It’s me and Chappy or no one!” she said to him. The poodle, however, soon showed that the feeling of dislike was mutual. When the real […]

It’s So Weird How All These Coincidences Keep Happening

I know there are some who keep screaming about the deep state and how liberals have all lost it over Russia, but it’s just so weird how all these hacking attacks keep happening to Democrats running against the Kremlin’s favorite Republicans and ain’t it just strange: FBI agents in California and Washington, D.C., have investigated […]

Out of My Room, Nazi

Via Vox, this is just delicious: Unite the Right 2 organizer, Nazi failure Jason Kessler gets yelled at by his dad for being a Nazi while livestreaming w Nazi loser Patrick Little, who admits he may have to sell the boat he's broadcasting from at a loss because he needs money. pic.twitter.com/skmlmtdSAE — FlyingOverTr0ut (@FlyingOverTr0ut) […]

The Manafort Endgame

Manafort’s defense team rested without… well, without putting on a defense. At all. Which (REMINDER, IANAL), happens from time to time, but I was under the presumption that it happens when the defense is convinced that the prosecution did not prove their case. That is most certainly not the situation here. They didn’t put on […]