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Late Night Open Thread

I stayed up late long enough (adrenaline from the Pens game and a late afternoon nap are to blame) for Steve to decide that he needs to be fed. Now. He now has my arm pinned down and is slowly retracting and releasing his claws into my chest, going a touch deeper each time.

Hoocoodanode, Carrier Edition

Toodaloo, tontos: Donald Trump stood outside a Carrier manufacturing plant in Indianapolis, Indiana weeks before taking office and boasted he just saved 1,100 jobs from being shipped to Mexico. Inside the plant, some workers were skeptical. Carrier had promised layoffs, which Trump glossed over in his claim to save over 1,000 jobs. On Monday, these […]

Bully Boy

2/ Look at this fucking guy's uniform. You see all that shit pinned all over his dress uniform jacket? That's not supposed to be there. pic.twitter.com/0QZlBxQjI8 — Charles Clymer (@cmclymer) May 17, 2017 Serial killer, cosplay afficionado, plagiarist, and newly hired employee at Homeland Security is a big fat fucking liar and it may cost […]

Help Me With My Music Library

I spent the last month importing every single CD I own. I imported it all to a LaCie external drive. I opened Itunes today, and it “organized” my external hd and 90% of my music is gone. Here is what I need besides a hockey puck sized sedative and a box of kleenex. All I […]