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The Only Commercial Clinton Needs

That. Just have a voiceover that says “Donald Trump says he only hires the best people and that is how he will run the country. This is his doctor.” Let the bad SNL doctor roleplay speak for 50 seconds, and then say “I’m Hillary Clinton and I agree with this commercial.” The end.

T-14 Hours

Here’s a picture of sweet Ole Walter taking a look around the yard after dinner. Spoke with the driver, who is actually from around this area even though he and the company are down in Kentucky, and he knows right where I live, so another uncanny coincidence. Small world. People are coming by to say […]

A Timely Demonstration That There Isn’t Much Difference Between Nazis, the Klan, the “Alt- Right,” and Good Old Fashioned Conservative Hate Groups

This is a skosh embarassing for WV’s Attorney General: West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey fired a spokeswoman Thursday, after it was revealed that she took part in a video called “The Stop White Genocide Video” that recites slogans of white supremacists. Carrie Bowe, who was Morrisey’s assistant communications director, appears throughout the video, speaking […]

New Rule, Goddamnit

Isn’t this fucking special: The Clinton Foundation’s vague timetable to limit its involvement with overseas programs, and its insistence that Chelsea Clinton remain on its board, raise red flags for ethics watchdogs even as the charity vows to avoid conflicts of interest in a Hillary Clinton presidency. Foundation President Donna Shalala suggested Tuesday that reorganizing […]

I, For One, Welcome Our Lesbian Farmer Overlords

This one has been circulating through the fever swamps for a couple days not, and Jonathan Chait sums it all up: Barack Obama is nearing the finish line of a presidency filled with accomplishments ranging from death panels to FEMA camps to the importation of Sharia law. Year eight is a natural time for Obama […]

Random Afternoon Pet Musings

Let’s get the important shit out of the way. The duvet cover and pillow cases are light green and the sheets are a lavender cover. My tastes sucks/blah blah blah, whatever. At any rate, I have noticed that my relationship with Steve has really changed this summer. He’s so much more affectionate than he used […]

This Is Complete Bullshit

This is offensive, obnoxious, anti-liberal, anti-freedom, and probably will be the one thing the French do that wingnuts will want to adopt: Photographs have emerged of armed French police confronting a woman on a beach and making her remove some of her clothing as part of a controversial ban on the burkini. Authorities in several […]