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Open Thread

I don’t know when I became such a damned wimp, but I let myself get so god damned stressed out yesterday that I woke up this morning and I am sick and congested. I don’t know how the hell I served in the army. Also, the four poster bed in the bedroom is being removed […]


I was busy all day long and raced to get my computer and everything set up so I could relax and, for the first time since election day, check cable news, and shit is blowing up because of these protests. Amazing. I think what is most surprising to me is that I know a lot […]

March on Washington

I’m moving today, but I have several correspondents on the ground in Washington: I’ll have a round up at the end of the day and try to keep up with all their pictures. This is amazing. I’ve never wanted to be a woman more in my life just so I could be a part of […]

Sign Help

I have a friend heading to the march in Washington, and we are looking for some ideas for a sign for her to carry. Personally, I would just carry a sign that says “FUCK THIS BULLSHIT” but I am a crude vulgarian. She would prefer something punny and clever. Have at it.