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And Now They’re Coming for Your Social Security Money

Can’t say you weren’t warned: A Republican lawmaker introduced legislation Thursday to shore up Social Security’s finances and boost benefits for low-income workers without raising taxes, a conservative version of reform that could gain attention under unified GOP government next year. The bill put forward by Texas’ Sam Johnson, the chairman of the subcommittee on […]

We Have Appliances

The kitchen appliances were delivered today: The pictures were taken by dad, so don’t crap all over the photography. We have a custom built hood that goes over the stove, and the counters come next week. It’s kind of nice seeing everything come together a little bit. I feel as if there is a light […]

Fuck You and Your “Democrats Have to End Identity Politics to Win” Bullshit

via GIPHY If I read one fucking more thinkpiece, blog post, semi-literate tweet, or facebook forward blaming whatever the fuck “identity politics” is for Democrats losing the election I am going to lose completely and totally lose my shit and climb a fucking bell tower. I don’t even know what people mean when they say […]