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Charity Update

I’m mailing a check to MARC tomorrow, an d I wanted to ask you all- now that MARC is established, do you think it is time to move on and find another struggling pet rescue and get them up and running? Also, is anyone familiar with the workings of CafePress? I would like to update […]

Everything But the Obvious

"It's the guns, stupid" — Matt Gallagher (@MattGallagher0) February 18, 2018 They did everything right, but missed one key detail: Nikolas Cruz was immature, quirky and depressed when James and Kimberly Snead took him into their Parkland home. But he was pleasant and seemed to be growing happier, they said. How the 19-year-old turned into […]

Rescuing Fish From the Flood

So while you all are going about your business, my neck of the woods is a disaster zone (again) from torrential downpours and flash flooding. My backyard has about 4 inches of standing water: The Ghost Hollow Viaduct (which used to be where the old trolley ran from Bethany to Wellsburg) on Rt. 67 is […]

Chilling With My Homey

I dropped Steve off at the vet yesterday morning for a teeth cleaning, and man was the house empty yesterday. It’s funny how even though I still had three dogs in the house, it was just very obvious he was not around. At any rate, I picked him up this morning, and the vets said […]