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What A Continuing Resolution Means For The People Who Do The Work

President Donald Trump has agreed with Democratic Congressional leaders to extend a continuing budget resolution for three months. I can hear the federally-funded program managers: whoop.ti.doo It’s better than a government shutdown, but not much. Once upon a time, Congress passed budgets in March. That allowed agencies like the Department of Energy to work through […]

Paul Pillar Lets Loose On Nikki Haley

Paul Pillar is a former CIA analyst whose articles on current events are usually calm, measured, and logical. He brings his analytical skills to clarifying the issues. I highly recommend reading him regularly. I occasionally disagree with him, although I can’t recall a time when I thought he had something substantively wrong. Nikki Haley’s speech […]

Late Night Open Thread

Looks like it’s time for an open thread. Here’s a turtle I saw at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge last week. His right hind foot looks strange, but when he jumped in the water, he seemed to be fine. Perhaps he was doing yoga.