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Texas Flooding – How To Help

Here’s someone who’s helping. This man brought his boat to the Houston area to “try and save some lives”. This is America. #HurricaneHarvey pic.twitter.com/2Mk5TnqXaK — Based Monitored 🇺🇸 (@BasedMonitored) August 27, 2017 Not all of us can bring our boats down to Houston to help rescue people. Probably would not be a good thing if […]

No Politics Open Thread

Ric and Zooey have more or less recovered from the humiliating vest sessions.  Here they are looking at SOMETHING outside last night. But there will be more vest sessions.     In answer to someone’s question on a previous thread (things were coming pretty thick and fast), yes, we’ll be here Sunday. I had a […]

Iran’s Claim of Five Days

We may see magnification and misrepresentation of some things Ali Akbar Salehi, Iran’s chief of atomic energy, said. Let’s get an accurate translation first: Ariane Tabatabai speaks Persian. Her tweetstream starts here. I’ll collect what she translates for easier reading. What Salehi actually said: “We are so prepared for snapback, that, really, the other party […]

What If – Trump And Others Are Guilty?

David Rothkopf asked a good question on Twitter: Trump fears Russia mess will delegitimize him. It may. What then? Are we prepared for what happens when election is shown to be corrupted? — David Rothkopf (@djrothkopf) August 4, 2017 He provides a short thread of subsidiary questions, but I’d like to take a different approach. […]