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Notre Dame Cathedral Is On Fire

And it looks bad. The Notre Dame is on fire, and it appears to be getting rapidly worse 👇👇pic.twitter.com/C3s8zydFER — Henry Jones (@hthjones) April 15, 2019 Omg Notre Dame is on fire pic.twitter.com/wT3vMAl67x — Nada Bakos (@nadabakos) April 15, 2019 This is awful, Notre Dame is on fire pic.twitter.com/CaDEMvPSsa — Nada Bakos (@nadabakos) April 15, […]

A Question For The (Military) Hive Mind

This is something I’ve been wondering about too. Crowd sourcing a question about Mike Pompeo’s service record. Appears he served 1985-1991 in Army after graduating #1 at West Point. Why resign at start or in middle of Gulf War and how common for WP top grad to leave only as Capt after 5 years? — […]

Greg Sargent: Trump Is Flailing

Greg Sargent does something I was thinking of doing – listing all the ways Trump is flailing. Trump has always been protected from his own incompetence and sadism by layers of lackeys – Javanka, Michael Cohen, and even when he first became President, his generals, Javanka (still), and a minimally competent but toadying cabinet. He […]