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Pelosi and Ocasio-Cortez – What a Team!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez led a protest on global warming outside Nancy Pelosi’s office this morning. Next, we should define the standards of that committee. To be truly effective, it should:1. Have a mandate to draft a Green New Deal plan by 2020;2. Not have officials appointed to it that accept fossil fuel industry contributions — Alexandria […]

Sunday Evening Open Thread

I got Ric and Zooey Cat Balls (yes, you can find them by googling that, but you will have to do a little looking) for the cool winter nights to come. The cats really like them. We’re getting into our first snow storm of the season. Just starting to stick here.

Who Is Sam Clovis?

This is a small point in the larger Russia investigation. But in my science, I have found that small points that don’t seem to make sense can be important. I am not putting forth a theory here. I want to raise questions that I think reporters should be looking at. The overarching question is Who […]


Move On called for demonstrations tonight against Trump’s appointing Matthew Whitaker acting Attorney General. Here are tweets from some of them. More than I expected, and this is just the warm-up.   This is not a country where the President is above the law. That’s what separates us from other countries, and that’s worth fighting […]

Analyzing Trump’s Actions Through The Lens Of Toxic Narcissism

Jeff Sessions, some long time ago, gave Donald Trump a signed resignation letter, which Trump used today. Trump has been irritated at Sessions since Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation. Sessions was a member of Trump’s campaign and has connections to the cast of thousands suspected to be involved in some way with Russian […]