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Estonia’s James Bond

  It’s twenty years ago this month that I was given an assignment that, in six weeks, landed me in a place I had barely heard of. I can only recall the sleety dark streets of Tallinn with joy and love. What I didn’t know was that part of the time I was walking past […]

Today’s Flynn Story: More Questions Than Answers

Stuff that just doesn’t make sense or doesn’t fit together always catches a scientist’s eye. Today’s Michael Flynn story has caught my eye. There is a fairly straightforward story on the surface: Flynn had a business deal involving Russians. He is reported, by one whistleblower, to have texted a business associate during the inauguration to […]

Good News Thread

  Humdog requested this, and I’m always up for good news. Can we please get a thread where all can share good news. I don’t have any myself, but I know Helen in Eire has a job offer and efgoldman is home from hospital. Hearing people I “know” are still experiencing positive things would surely […]