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Early Morning Open Thread

My big, fat, honking new truck: It’s a 2012 Ford F-250 with a diesel engine. It’s so high up I have to make a running start to jump into the cab, and the dogs have to be boosted in bodily. The acquisition of aftermarket running boards is therefore at the top of our agenda today. […]

Cock-a-Doodle DON’T (Open Thread)

My chickens used to be so quiet. Not anymore. I recounted a recent incident here where they started raising hell before the sun came up. That was, thankfully, an isolated occurrence. But they’ve generally become noisier lately, and it worries me because I don’t want the neighbors to get pissed off about it. I live […]

Early Morning Open Thread: Targeted Ads

Our blog ad server targets individual viewers to some extent. Not just our ad server, of course — everyone’s. This was demonstrated for me vividly awhile back after I purchased a niche gift book for my sister and sister-in-law’s anniversary and the Internet assumed I was a lesbian for several weeks afterward. It’s a really […]

Early Morning Domesticated Fowl

I’m going to be off for most of next week, so today is sort of like the first day of vacation. Thought I’d sleep in. But nooooooo! The chickens started raising holy hell before sunup. My husband and I were scrambling around to find bathrobes and get outside to check it out. We thought something […]