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The Dumbest Spin on Obama’s Marriage Equality Stance?

So who will have the dumbest, most hysterical response to President Obama’s announcement that he favors marriage equality? It’s impossible to say and too early to tell, but here’s the immediate reaction of a go-to source for internet stupidity: Yep, it’s all about attacking the Christian Church. Sweet Merciful Flying Spaghetti Monster, that nitwit must […]

Early Morning Open Thread — Artsy Fartsy Edition

Artists tend to use the materials close at hand to create their masterworks, which explains all those lovely Italian Renaissance sculptures carved in Carrara marble. At my backyard tiki bar, the abundant resource is wine foil — you know, that heavy foil that must be removed from the top of the bottle to expose the […]

Help Take Amendment 1 Down

Assorted ninnies and white supremacists are attempting to deface the North Carolina Constitution with anti-gay graffiti via Amendment 1. There’s already no marriage equality in NC, but Amendment 1 is designed to keep same-sex couples in the back of the bus. Here’s Balloon Juice commenter Jibeaux: I assume if you’re reading B-J and live in […]

Are there no workhouses, etc.

I know less about economics than I do about fashion, which is to say, nothing. But I can usually spot a bamboozle in the hatching phase. Here are two items on the economy that appeared within the last week. First up from a Reuters business piece: Disability rolls may be holding economy back Those receiving […]