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Wednesday Morning Open Thread

Look — a lovely boxer dog! She drools less than you might think, given those jowls. I’m still assembling kitchen cabinets as part of my slo-mo home reno. Last night I managed to smash both thumbs simultaneously while putting a drawer together, so every touch of the space bar is painful. What are y’all up […]

Sunday Morning Open Thread

This is my kitchen: I think it will look much better once I unpack it from the boxes and transform the giant pile of panels, screws, slides and legs into something resembling counters and cabinets. (wimper) I think I speak for my entire family when I say that if we never see another peanut butter […]

Cone of Doom

I know exactly what y’all are thinking: “How in the hell is Betty going to find an evacuation shelter that will take two dogs and seven chickens?” Oh, wait. You were laughing about the possibility of the Republicans fleeing the convention site in terror? Heartless bastards! Please consider this an open thread. [X-posted at Rumproast]