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Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh and a Kel-Tec 9mm

The above graphic is an actual thing someone created for Rep. Steve Crisafulli, who will be Speaker of the House in the Florida legislature next year. The future speaker commemorated the upcoming birthday of Baby Jeebus by bragging on Twitter that the state’s wingnut-supermajority legislature retained the law infamous for allowing a deranged serial domestic […]

Federal Judge: NSA Metadata Collection Likely Unconstitutional

Via TPM, Federal Judge Richard Leon says the NSA’s metadata collection probably violates the Fourth Amendment: Comparing the technology used by the National Security Agency to George Orwell’s dystopian fiction, a federal judge on Monday ruled that the NSA’s bulk collection of telephone metadata is likely unconstitutional. U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon’s ruling found […]

Christmas Cookies (Open Thread)

A small portion of this weekend’s production: The ugliest ones are the tastiest (coconut macaroons and buckeyes). Life lesson there? Probably not! PS: My chickens were squawking their heads off, so I went outside to see what they were on about a little while ago. I was standing there saying, “What the hell are you […]

You Know Who Else Was Time’s “Man of the Year”?

Glenn Greenwald, the purveyor of leaked NSA documents who is universally beloved by each and every Balloon Juice commenter, sounds peeved that Snowden didn’t get Time’s “Man of the Year” cover, which went to SQUEEE! Hippie Pope instead: “…Snowden is clearly, by far, the person who has most influenced this year’s news events. If it […]

Winter Visitors (Tuesday Evening Open Thread)

We have a delightful brown pelican population year-round on the west coast of Florida, but during the winter, white pelicans migrate here: They’re big as Thanksgiving turkeys — much larger than the brown pelicans. They look all white, but when they’re flying you can see that their wings have a nice dark trim on the […]

Open Thread

If you keep chickens, you damn well better have a good quiche recipe to deal with the onslaught of eggs: I’ve got the quiche covered, but I’ve never had much success with homemade pie crusts, either due to this damnable climate or my own ineptitude as a baker. We can’t all be TaMara or JeffreyWW. […]