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Sunday Morning Open Thread

We finally got a taste of winter down here in sunny Florida; it got down into the 30s last night. My hubby dragged all of his tomato and pepper plant seedlings into the house. I hope there are no snakes lurking in the 30 or so containers. We’re going to put a pot of red […]

Animal Buffoonery (Open Thread)

I recently developed a taste for Chai tea, so I purchased a kettle to make it at home. Whenever the kettle comes to a boil and starts whistling, my two dogs rush into the kitchen, bristling, growling and ready to rip apart the creature making that detestable shriek. Then they look confused when I take […]

Wayne’s (Insane) World

On Planet Earth this morning, my family and I got up, breakfasted on scrambled eggs, toast, coffee and orange juice. Then my husband left for work, and shortly thereafter, I drove my daughter to school and came back home. At no point during our morning routine were we required to employ an AR-15 to lay […]

Marco H20

I’m a partisan, so I don’t completely trust my initial reactions to political events, but I thought Marco Rubio’s SOTU response was a Jindal-class disaster. It wasn’t just the odd, swooping duck to retrieve the water bottle and panicky-eyed glugging: The content of the speech seemed off. It was as if Rubio were responding to […]