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Mid-Morning Open Thread

I dislike flying and almost never board a plane. But a plane almost crashed into me this weekend while I was innocently consuming mimosas and jalapeno potato chips at a tailgating party prior to the Gators-Razorbacks game in Gainesville, Florida. A banner-towing plane went down. Luckily, there were no life-threatening injuries to the two people […]

The Bible Belt vs. The Sash of Insanity

Aimai over at No More Mister Nice Blog has some interesting observations about the current budget and debt ceiling standoff. It’s worth reading in its entirety, but here’s an excerpt: To refresh everyone’s memory we passed the 14th amendment because we were about to accept back into political life our former rebels and traitors–these men, […]

Setting the Tone — Plus, Obama Statement at 12:25

Well! How is your local news covering the shutdown? My media market paper also features a photo of Boehner, in which he looks somewhat poleaxed, with Cantor lurking in the background. RE: the photo above, via TPM: Under the headline “House of Turds,” the latest cover of the New York Daily News shows Boehner seated […]