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Visualize Whirled Peas

I know there’s a series of acute global and national crises brewing. There’s climate change, which may have flung hurricanes and typhoons across the oceans like so many martial arts stars targeting our vulnerable coastlines. And the quickening investigation into the role a foreign power played in installing a racist, sexist, xenophobic demagogue in the […]

Bald Jay (Open Thread)

This blue jay is a regular at one of my feeders and birdbaths. I don’t know what happened to its crest and head feathers: The rest of the plumage looks fine: Kinda looks like a cross between a blue jay and a vulture with that ‘do. Maybe the bird found a knothole to hide in […]

Trump Triggered

Twitler was extra-triggered on Twitter this morning, maybe because his angry white boy base is pissed off about the DACA thing. How mad are they? Here’s one drama llama ritually burning his MAGA hat — and likely leaving indelible scorch-marks on his mama’s glass patio tabletop: Dear @realdonaldtrump pic.twitter.com/CX0VRMOxJB — Luis Withrow (@_weese_) September 15, […]