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Ryan Not Seeking Reelection

Womp! From WaPo: House Speaker Paul Ryan will not seek reelection, he tells friends and colleagues House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) has told friends and several colleagues that he has decided not to seek reelection this year and will soon inform colleagues of his plans, according to several people familiar with his plans. The […]

“Is this what Watergate was like?”

I had dinner with some teens and 20-somethings last night. Our phones were blowing up with news alerts about the raid on Michael Cohen’s office and residences and Trump’s reaction to those events, so the conversation turned to politics. As the grizzled warhorse of the group, I was asked if this quickening investigation and presidential […]

Williamson Booted from The Atlantic

Valued commenter LAO passed along the best news I’ve heard all day in the thread downstairs: Kevin Williamson, the former National Review columnist who notoriously advocated hanging women who have abortions (along with their clinicians), has been fired from The Atlantic. Here’s a tweet containing Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg’s statement to his staff: Full memo […]

“Stupid and detrimental…”

I like Congressman Ruben Gallego: "I will gladly work with the President when his ideas aren't stupid and detrimental to the United States," says Rep. Ruben Gallego on his opposition to Trump sending troops to the Mexican border https://t.co/UyY7v7LGss pic.twitter.com/Pt9eZRZJVa — CNN (@CNN) April 5, 2018 Trump has been ginning up hysteria for the last […]

Global Con

Well, we knew shady, fanatical oligarchs perpetrated a global plan to stoke bigotry and sow fear to subvert democracy, but this illustrates the con in a visceral way: SCOOP: In the final weeks of the 2016 elections, Google and Facebook worked with a dark money group to target anti-Muslim ads like this at swing voters. […]