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And now, this…

Even the amoral, power-hungry, scheming knobs in the Republican Party who have overlooked President Cray-Cray’s corruption, incompetence and allegiance to Putin balked at Trump’s insane suggestion this morning that the U.S. should partner with the Russian foxes to guard the electoral hen house. So now, this: I just don’t know what to say. Open thread? […]

Funhouse Mirror View (Open Thread)

Yesterday evening, I read a few MSM round-up pieces on Trump’s G-20 trip, like this take from NBC. For the thousandth time since 1/20/17, perusing the network hot takes made me wonder who’s taking crazy pills — the U.S. journalists who are watching the bizarre Trump shit-show and presenting recaps as if covering a more […]

Trump Capitulates

I don’t know how else to interpret this outcome of the Trump-Putin meeting. Via WaPo: HAMBURG — President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday discussed brokering “commitments of noninterference” in the U.S. political system during a lengthy face-to-face meeting in Germany, the first in-person encounter between the two leaders about Russia’s alleged role […]

Triumph of the Swill

Trump’s speech in Poland yesterday hasn’t received much attention because of his other antics, which included slamming the U.S. intel community and American press on foreign soil and blaming President Obama for not responding to Russian meddling in the 2016 election, while simultaneously claiming that it’s impossible to definitively pin the interference on the Russians. […]

Idiots Abroad Update

Today in our ongoing national embarrassment, Trump scolded the planet’s other nuclear-armed narcissist with awful hair in terms that made George W. Bush sound like Churchill: In Warsaw, Trump said the United States was considering “some pretty severe things” in response to what he called “very, very bad behavior” from the North, although he did […]