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Roadside Attraction: Tales of Terror

Fellow jackal lamh36, aka @psddluva4evah on Twitter, highlighted a thread on a little-discussed childhood trauma — being terrorized by monkeys at Florida tourist traps: OMG! This was fascinating! @Johngcole @DougJBalloon @bettycrackerfl @CherylRofer @TomLevenson @soonergrunt https://t.co/Kza1VBZqBo — #ListenToBlackWomenKamalaHarris2020 (@psddluva4evah) March 10, 2019 I should say up front (as the author of the tweet thread acknowledges) that […]

Disgraceland (Open Thread)

Remember when Republicans had an ear-splitting hissy fit about alleged influence peddling at the Clinton Foundation? I’m sure they’ll be even more outraged to learn that wealthy members of Trump’s tacky-ass, for-profit South Florida resort have been openly selling access to Trump and the “Minister of Commerce” to foreigners. (Haha, no they won’t!) Via Mother […]