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Open Thread

And more wine foil art! Previous wine foil art here. I’m gonna have to start a Tumblr page for that. I may be the finest (only) wine foil artist on the planet today. (I just know someone is going to burst my bubble by linking to wine foil masterpieces produced by others…)

PolitiFact Finds Another Way to Be as Useless as Teats on a Boar

Ambulatory Sears mannequin Mitt Romney made a swing through the Sunshine State this week, kissing ass (“Gosh! The energy. The Cuban American energy and passion is so wonderful!”) and collecting a couple of mill from wizened snowbird socialites for his campaign war chest. He also delivered speeches containing scads of well-documented lies. So what does […]

Worldwide Parody & Satire Industries Collapse

NEW YORK – May 11, 2012 – Roiled by a lengthy Republican primary that featured sickly-wife dumper Newt Gingrich in the role of family values advocate, prissy uterus invader Rick Santorum as a small government champion and multimillionaire vulture capitalist Mitt Romney shedding Armani suits in favor of mom jeans and “work” shirts as he […]

The Dumbest Spin on Obama’s Marriage Equality Stance?

So who will have the dumbest, most hysterical response to President Obama’s announcement that he favors marriage equality? It’s impossible to say and too early to tell, but here’s the immediate reaction of a go-to source for internet stupidity: Yep, it’s all about attacking the Christian Church. Sweet Merciful Flying Spaghetti Monster, that nitwit must […]