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The Un-Greenwald

Interesting piece in the NYT about the documentary filmmaker who has played a pivotal role in the Snowden saga, Laura Poitras: Never heard of her? That’s by design: She’s as publicity shy as her colleague Glenn Greenwald is publicity seeking, but she was the person who actually answered Snowden’s anonymous leak offer initially and was […]

Your Morning Diva & Open Thread

Christina Bianco sings cheesy 80s song as multiple divas: The great TBogg is hanging up his spurs. His timeless classic, “Your Mumia sweatshirt won’t get you into heaven anymore,” will live on. Please feel free to discuss whatever. H/T: Gawker

Why do you keep passing the open windows?

Scoff if you must (and some of you will), but this blog is a community of sorts, and many of us have had a tough time lately. One thing that continues to amaze me, not just at Balloon Juice but in life generally, is the range and diversity of how people deal with anger, sorrow […]

Putin and the Patriarch

Interesting article at Buzzfeed (yes, I know) on why Putin is transforming Russia into a homophobia hub. Putin’s fondness for orchestrating shirtless, macho photo-ops that would be ideal for the cover of a romance novel (if you Photoshopped a more handsome head onto that ripped, well-preserved body) has led to speculation that Putin has latency […]