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Food, Football, etc. (Open Thread)

So I made the cannolis. They’re not bad, but next time I’ll cook the shells longer and put more orange zest in the filling. I’m half watching the ‘Boys-Iggles game and reading a book, “Wild,” by Cheryl Strayed. It’s a memoir about the author hiking the Pacific Crest Trail while attempting to get her shit […]

Another Open Thread

I’ve got some sort of stomach bug, so I’m just piled up on the sofa taking it easy. My youngster is cruelly forcing me to watch a Sasquatch hunter marathon on television. The Sasquatch people have their own special vocabulary: for example, “squatching” means looking for yetis. I’m definitely going to have to wrest back […]

Christmas Open Thread

Today’s feast pictured above. It is long gone, as are our guests. Kiddo and I are watching the Doctor Who Christmas special. The mister and dogs are snoring on the sofa between us. We’ve been watching the Who marathon off and on all day. How was your day? Did you get any good presents? Argue […]

Lump of Cole

I had a very Cole day yesterday. I was rushing around to wrap up a few DIY projects before we’re overrun with holiday guests. One of my projects involved a quart-size can of white enamel paint, which I located on the only shelf in the house that’s a challenge for me to reach (I’m tallish). […]