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Useful Images

Angry DougJ is definitely onto something with this “useful idiots” idea: One of the great victories of conservatism was framing every debate as the real, Tebow-fearing Murkins versus the dirty hippies who spit on soldiers. Is there anyway the left could try to do the same with banskters and bankster fanboys? A few months ago, […]

Kristol Lite

All English-language software should be equipped with a mechanism that prevents these particular words from being presented in this sequence: Users who stubbornly attempt to evade the safeguard should have their hard drive erased. Jesus. I get that the Republicans are in despair over their sucky presidential slate, as well they should be. But this […]

Florida, Florida, Florida

The Romney PACs bought up scads of TV time here in Florida during the playoff games yesterday to let GOP primary voters know what a scuzzbucket Gingrich is. They had an interesting spin: that the president is behind the Gingrich surge and that Newt is pals with Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore and Freddie Mac. Will […]

Rampaging Honey Badger Mars Sparsely Attended Pro-Walker Rally

WAUWATOSA, WI (January 21, 2012) – A giant, mutant honey badger disrupted a rally organized to show support for embattled Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, charging into the small gathering and slightly injuring at least one attendee. The unusually large carnivore, estimated to weigh 15 tons, struck without warning, terrorizing the fives of Wisconsinites who had […]

Yes We Can-Can

Charles Krauthammer is mad enough to stomp bunnies, a man consumed with the type of bitterness that can only come from being thwarted by putative allies when a cherished goal is in sight. Things were going so well. With an assist from elderly social conservatives in patriot drag,* the GOP had successfully rebranded the economic […]