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Thai Cave Rescue Complete

According to news alerts blowing up my phone, the entire soccer team plus the coach have been successfully extracted from the cave in Thailand. That is wonderful news. Here’s hoping all recover physically and mentally. Spare a thought for former Thai Navy diver Saman Gunan today. He died last week trying to save those kids. […]

THIS! (Open Thread)

The chess champion nails it: The demagogue doesn't lead radicals, he radicalizes his supporters. With each outrage he drags them down by association until they feel they have no one else, and no one else will have them. It works. https://t.co/NQebCcnOLJ — Garry Kasparov (@Kasparov63) July 6, 2018 We’ve discussed before how this wretched administration […]

Republicans Roll Over in Russia

This was covered over the holiday, but I think it bears repeating: A delegation of Republicans from the House and Senate spent the Fourth of July in Russia, handing a propaganda coup to the Putin government prior Trump’s meeting with the boss man himself later this month. Those Republicans are: Senator Kennedy (LA) Senator Shelby […]