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“Small, Insecure Money-Grubber”

Senator Elizabeth Warren takes a break from skewering Donald Trump on Twitter to eviscerate him in long form via a speech yesterday: Words like “small” and “insecure” get under Trump’s skin because they contradict the grandiose image of himself Trump markets so industriously. But I like what Warren has done with “money-grubber” angle here to […]

Trump’s Two-for-the-Price-of-One Clenis Strategy

Josh Marshall over at TPM says Trump is going all-in on blaming Hillary Clinton for Bill Clinton’s past sexual indiscretions / alleged abuse as a form of dominance politics, which is what he (Trump) has practiced all along: As I mentioned yesterday, the three big networks and in fact the major national dailies continue to […]

Good to Know (Open Thread)

Here are three things I learned well after I became an adult that I wish someone had told me when I was much younger: 1. If you’re ever seated at a crowded, formally set dinner table with a confusing array of glassware and little side plates and trying to figure out which belong to you, […]

But It’s Nervous Laughter… (UPDATED)

Trump’s general election outreach to Hispanic voters began yesterday with an address to the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference delivered from TrumpForce One: There’s a distinct student council election vibe to it — the speech is all outlandish promises with nary a clue on how to accomplish them: We’re gonna make the cafeteria serve free […]

Discover the Nitwits

Remember that fucking idiot James O’Keefe — the failed conservative prankster who tends to record himself committing felonies when trying to expose liberal wrongdoing? He has attempted another sting operation, and in typical O’Keefe fashion, he pulled off the metaphorical equivalent of stuffing a hornet’s nest down his own pants. Jane Mayer of The New […]