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Obedience School (Open Thread)

As I was listening to Trump verbally blow himself deliver his victory speech tonight, I noticed Chris Christie once again had that pole-axed look that garnered so much ridicule when he wore it on Super Tuesday following his endorsement of Trump. Then it hit me: Cupcake Dog! Cupcake Dog was a meme that originated from […]

Food, Sports and Injustice (Open Thread)

Three completely unrelated topics rolled into one open thread — food first. I made this fabulous berry tart last night: It was so good and so incredibly simple to make because you use store-bought puff pastry. It’s a modification of a recipe I found here. Here’s my version: INGREDIENTS: 1 package puff pastry 1-1/2 cups […]

Sunday Night Open Thread

Well, I was going to share a photo of and recipe for a fabulous berry tart I made this evening, but I can’t get the damned photo to upload. So here’s something silly instead: We have visitors who watch the PBS Sunday night line-up, so we watched that even though we’re unfamiliar with the shows. […]

Sunday Garden-ish Open Thread

I rarely participate in the Sunday garden discussions because my husband is the gardener in the family, and I don’t know doodly-squat about gardening. But here’s a picture of one of our tomato plants: Like I said, I don’t know shit about plants, but those squiggly lines on the leaves look like trouble. I’m sure […]

All Over But The Shouting

Saw a brief clip of a Sanders rally last night, and it sure sounds to me like Team Sanders has accepted mathematical reality, even if the campaign’s most ardent supporters haven’t. Sanders talked about the establishment vs. political revolution as usual, but he didn’t attack Clinton as he had in New York. Yesterday, I received […]

Global Lipstick Inventories Plunge as GOP Seeks Cosmetic Miracle

This past week — as we Democrats were bickering over which of our two presidential candidates has the better strategy for ameliorating wealth inequality, addressing structural bias, reducing student debt and securing world peace — Republican poobahs were hearing a new campaign chief’s presentation on plans to repackage the short-fingered vulgarian for general election purposes. […]