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Belated NFL Thread

I’m half-assed watching the Bucs. Winston is throwing interceptions again. Here’s a photo of Ray-Jay Stadium I took the other day at a USF Bulls game: The Bucs aren’t there; they’re in Arizona, losing 10-0 at the moment. Earlier, we were out in the country. Saw a canoe launch that led to a pretty pond: […]

Electile Dysfunction (Open Thread)

After getting pantsed by Trump repeatedly, the Beltway media might be in the process of remembering how to do their jobs, but this still made me laugh: Trump: “Someone please kill my opponent!”Clinton: “What the hell!”Media: “Hillary, stop swearing!” — Scott Slemmons (@SSlemmons) September 16, 2016 As of this posting, the cops in NYC are […]

College Football Open Thread

First, a teeny-tiny apology for falling down on the American football posts job recently. (The diminutive size of the apology is due to my volunteer status creating obligations commensurate with the compensation.) The truth is, I’ve been too busy over the last few months to pay as much attention to football as I normally would, […]

Birther Control: Open Thread (Updated)

Dave Weigel makes a decent point: Gaslighting black Democrats into thinking Hillary started birtherism would make more sense if, you know, Obama wasn't around to contradict. — daveweigel (@daveweigel) September 16, 2016 A mildly encouraging development: Almost all of the mainstream media stories I’ve seen on Trump’s 90-minute infomercial / 30-second birther statement have noted […]

Rotten Acorns Land Near Gnarly Oak (Updated)

Trump’s worthless progeny have run into some inconvenient media peasants during the last 24 hours. First, Ivanka got snippy with a Cosmo interviewer when asked about details of the circa-1960s maternity leave plan and NannyBucks proposal she and her slimy father rolled out a couple of days ago: Donald Trump’s famously composed eldest daughter, Ivanka, […]