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Ugh, Comey

Y’all watching the Stephanopoulos interview? I’m struck anew by Comey’s overweening self-regard. He thinks he shits marble. I’ve received several news alerts based on transcripts that say Comey calls Trump “morally unfit” and possibly “vulnerable to Russian blackmail” during this interview. That part hasn’t aired yet. But Stephanopoulos talked to him about his role in […]

Lying Liars Lying Badly (Open Thread)

Deep down, the lumpy orange shart-stain in the White House knows he’s a worthless fraud. That’s why he shrieks like a scalded skunk at real or perceived slights. The people around Trump — slugs hauled blinking into the sunlight from the soil beneath the scraped-away bottom of the Republican barrel — are even more acutely […]

Today in “Not the Onion”

From my favorite Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter: At the height of his merchandising empire, @realdonaldtrump sold Trump-branded urine tests, which send back to the Trump laboratory, so you could get custom-made Trump vitamins. If you're interested…too late. https://t.co/pYNoVlRIXG https://t.co/xLI6o7LB3p — David Fahrenthold (@Fahrenthold) April 13, 2018 So people were pissing on Trump-strips? Good lord. […]

“Failure, scandal, chaos — it’s all coming together, people!”

Even if Rachel Maddow isn’t your cup of tea, the first two minutes of tonight’s broadcast are worth watching: [Edited to remove defunct video embed.] Meanwhile, the Republican Party appears to have outsourced its @GOP Twitter account to Mike Flynn’s deranged whelp: I think I’ll go watch Star Trek reruns until I fall asleep. Living […]

Bannon Slithers Back Onstage

In the Pompeo thread downstairs, the subject of Steve Bannon’s reemergence came up, which deserves its own thread, IMO. Last night, in an interview with Bob Costa, Maddow covered Bannon’s preposterous plan for Trump to fire Rosenstein and retroactively rescind administration officials’ testimony in the Mueller investigation. It’s a dumb plan, and it sounds more […]


Trump’s sycophantic CIA director, Mike Pompeo, will appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee shortly to make the case for his own confirmation as US Secretary of State. Trump wished his flunky well in his bid to succeed the ousted Tillerson, confident that Pompeo would never call him (Trump) “a fucking moron.” Good luck to […]