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Tampa Clinton Rally (Open Thread)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz sighting! Don’t worry; it’ll get better. Here’s a crowd you wouldn’t see at a Trump rally: They’ve repurposed the GOP convention’s “lock her up” chant, saying “lock him out” (of the White House). Here’s Charlie Crist: Don’t worry; it’ll get better. Must be a fairly large number of ex-cheerleaders in attendance; new […]

Be just, and fear not

Trump: “I alone can fix this.”Is this guy running for president or dictator? #RNCwithBernie — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) July 22, 2016 Good question, Bernie. I didn’t watch Trump’s speech live, but from viewing the highlights and reading the transcript, Trump’s Mussolini-class confidence in himself as the only cure to the country’s ills struck me too. […]

He Did Everything Right…

Charles Kinsey, a behavioral therapist who was trying to help an autistic patient who had wandered away from a group home, did everything right when confronted by cops with guns drawn. He got shot anyway: New video shows moments before @NorthMiamiPD shot unarmed man with hands in air: https://t.co/YbXRNBaDVR @BrianEntin https://t.co/UKHHIYd00z — WSVN 7 News […]