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Monday Afternoon Open Thread

Here’s an intriguing photo from reader “cope” featuring a waterspout on the edge of a squall: Continuing the rain theme: I pulled a great hoax on my husband earlier today. A while back, he attempted to replace the shower head in the master bathroom with a fancy new “rain” model. But when he was unscrewing […]

Fidel Castro Is Dead

A long time ago, a reporter friend in South Florida told me that the City of Miami has for decades maintained a “Castro Dies” plan, filed away next to the municipal plans to deal with hurricanes, etc., to govern the outburst of civic joy expected in reaction to the death of Fidel Castro. Presumably, that […]

T-1 Open Thread

I’m going to try to take a Thanksgiving holiday break from thinking or writing about Trump-related issues. It’s a health and safety thing; I just can’t cook turkey and dressing, make gravy, mash potatoes, etc., while contemplating an asshole-punching rampage through the center of town. So, Thanksgiving. My sister is a vegetarian, and Thanksgiving is […]