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Save Yourselves!

For the love of all that is holy, whatever you do today, do not click on any story that refers to Mario Kart, mushrooms or yetis. Don’t Google the terms. Don’t click on trending topics that include those words. If an article containing one or more of those words pops up in a news alert, […]

Age of Consent

Christine Blasey Ford knew that coming forward with her allegation against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh would open an alt-right hellmouth that would engulf her and her family, but she did it anyway. I think that’s a lot more patriotic than torching a pair of Nikes. In yesterday’s thread on the topic, I said I thought […]

Linda Bloodworth Thomason and the Poisonous Matrix

Linda Bloodworth Thomason, friend of Bill and Hill and creator of “Designing Women,” has something to say about Les Moonves, the CBS head honcho who was recently ousted after heroic journalist Ronan Farrow exposed him for assaulting and harassing women for decades. Thomason was a CBS hit-maker who nabbed a record-breaking writing and producing contract […]

Trump Show Extra Requires New Script

Florida’s Republican attorney general, Crooked Pam Bondi, fills her copious free time after doing the people’s legal business by moonlighting as a Fox News personality. She’s not the only Florida Republican who does that. Ron DeSantis, the Republican nominee for governor, has appeared on Fox News more than 120 times since Trump endorsed him, which […]

The Amazing Flying Jackal (Open Thread)

Beloved, indomitable commenter and talented lyricist SiubhanDuinne recently jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. She wrote the following narrative and submitted photos of that adventure just for us: I’ve been a physically timid person just about all my life, with phobias too numerous to count — but for whatever obscure reason, sky-diving has been […]