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Overnight Open Thread

This is a crappy photo because it was misty out that morning, and I did a lousy job of framing the shot, but any picture with two shorebirds in it can’t be all bad: Is the blog acting up on y’all, or is it just me? I’ve had trouble getting to the site (fails to […]

And we haven’t had the late day news bombshell yet…

Prepare your popcorn: Donald Trump. Friday night. At a rally. In Alabama. Hours after having one of his biggest priorities foiled by John McCain. Again. Enjoy! — Matt Viser (@mviser) September 22, 2017 To be clear, the latest Trumpcare zombie is only MOSTLY dead. But regardless, McCain’s “disloyalty” has gotta stick in Trump’s craw, particularly […]

No product, YOU’RE the product!

If we discussed this yesterday, I missed it, but Facebook’s turnabout on the Russia election meddling scandal seems significant. From the NYT: Facebook to Turn Over Russian-Linked Ads to Congress By SCOTT SHANE and MIKE ISAAC SEPT. 21, 2017 WASHINGTON — Under growing pressure from Congress and the public to reveal more about the spread […]