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Something Nice

Here’s an urban animal rescuer in Germany removing a hook from a swan’s leg and releasing a rehabilitated fox: Did you notice the little fuzzy cygnets paddling around the pair of adult swans before Stefan Bröckling so deftly captured the injured party? So cute! My daughter and I rescued an injured seagull from a supermarket […]

Prophecy Fulfilled

Remember James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, the Keystone Kops of Wingnut Sting? O’Keefe was instrumental in shutting down ACORN, which is a feather in his Huggy Bear pimp-cap. But he was later successfully sued for $100K by an ACORN employee he smeared with deceptively edited tapes. As a follow-up own-goal, O’Keefe and crew dressed like […]

Rainy Day Open Thread

Well, it’s rainy here, anyway, so no birds to watch at my feeders. But here’s a handsome cardinal who stopped by a few days ago: He’s definitely giving me the stink-eye. And here’s his lovely mate with a seed shell hanging out of her beak; she doesn’t look too happy about the paparazzi either: I’d […]

A Pictorial Guide to Targeted Voter Outreach

Controversies frequently arise in comments here and elsewhere when the topic of Trump voters comes up. It goes something like this: PERSON A: Fucking Trump-voting assholes! They’re either racist, sexist, xenophobic shitheads or didn’t think their candidate’s racism, sexism and xenophobia were deal-breakers. So fuck those motherfuckers! PERSON B: Neo-liberal losers gonna keep neo-liberal losing […]

Weaponized Fragility

If you’re willing to read one more piece connected with the Yiannopoulos shit-show, make it this essay by Laurie Penny: “On the Milo Bus with the Lost Boys of America’s New Right.” (Brought to our attention in the overnight thread by valued commenter TheMightyTrowel.) As the title suggests, the article isn’t so much about Yiannopoulos […]


Saw this on the WaPo front page first thing this morning, and it’s been bugging me all day (but I was too busy to complain about it here until now): Moore made a fortune picking through the ruins of the Rust Belt, which makes sense because manufacturing decline decimated his hometown. The Rust Belt killed […]