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Stolen Children Update

Here’s the current status of the children still held by Trump administration kidnappers: BREAKING: Trump administration releases latest numbers on migrant kids it separated from parents. This is most detailed data we've seen so far. ➡️ 2,654 total kids separated.➡️ 565 *still* separated; 24 are 0-5 year olds.➡️ Parents of 366 *already* deported; 6 are […]

Canary in a Coalmine

Reading about the latest massive, horrific child sex abuse scandal involving the Catholic Church, I thought about Sinéad O’Connor, who was the canary in that coalmine, at least for people of a certain age. I wasn’t alone in thinking this: When was the first time you heard that the Catholic Church was teeming with child […]

Chillin’ with Villains

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is notorious for going on camera and defiantly declaring that up is down and black is white. That’s pretty much her job. But she won’t say unequivocally that there’s no tape of Trump using a racial slur because she’s knows there’s a distinct possibility the tape will surface: .@kwelkernbc: "Can you stand […]

Tuesday Afternoon Open Thread

Here’s a puppy who definitely did not chew the roll of toilet paper off the holder in the guest bathroom and distribute the resulting bits all over the house yesterday: I got nothing else. Trying to work my way through a nasty stomach bug of some sort that has left me queasy for four days […]

Banana Republican Purge

Peter Strzok was formally fired on Friday. Here’s an excerpt from The Post: FBI agent Peter Strzok fired over anti-Trump texts The FBI has fired agent Peter Strzok, who helped lead the bureau’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election until officials discovered he had been sending anti-Trump texts. Aitan Goelman, Strzok’s lawyer, said […]