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So, baby jails are a thing now.

Sweet fancy Moses: Rachel Maddow is all of us. (Well, all of us with a heart.) RT @justinbaragona: Rachel Maddow chokes up and cries on air as she struggles to deliver news that migrant babies and toddlers have been sent to "tender age" shelters pic.twitter.com/2U6aHMB1wg — Torrie LM (@torrie) June 20, 2018 I don’t know […]

Monday Afternoon Open Thread

Just something to push the Trumps’ ugly mugs down below the fold — our chianti sunflowers (plus ugly power lines behind them). Had to adjust the lighting a bit because the sun was behind the flowers, and now the colors look otherworldly. Thread open for all topics!

Another Failed Trump Brand

Trump Casinos. Trump Steaks. Trump Airlines. Trump Vodka. Trump Mortgage. Trump Magazine. Trump Ice. Trump University. What do all of these Trump-branded things all have in common? They all went belly up. Kaput. Deceased. Bereft of life, they’ve joined the bleedin’ choir invisible. If tens of millions of our fellow citizens weren’t such goddamned idiots, […]

Happy Father’s Day! (Open Thread)

Great photo in this tweet: Happy Father's Day! (photo by Terry Crayne; https://t.co/zJd6vjiuK3) pic.twitter.com/zQxFLjhWmx — BirdWatchingMagazine (@BirdWatchDaily) June 17, 2018 Happy Father’s Day to all jackal dads! Hope you’re having fun with your pups. This is a red-letter day in our household. My husband is an excellent dad and thus gets to name the day’s […]

Immigration Endgame

As you know, the Trump administration enacted a monstrous policy to separate children from parents at the southern border. Yesterday, the AP reported that about 2,000 children were stolen from their parents in the last six weeks. Camps — for children! — are in the works. But while the thought of putting brown children in […]