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This Really Happened

Mike Pence appeared on ghostly apparition Hugh Hewitt’s radio show today and complained about President Obama calling Donald Trump a “demagogue:” While speaking to conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence took issue with Obama calling Trump a “demagogue” during his speech, saying that it made him feel disheartened. “You know, I don’t […]

Dainty Digits Is on an Epic Twitter Tear

Figured Trump would have a hissy fit over the convention speeches, especially actual multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s criticism. Yep: @realDonaldTrump Hey, but that's not what you said ever before, you feckless dimwit. pic.twitter.com/BRv2eECeZW — JordanHeath-Rawlings (@TheGameSheet) July 29, 2016 He was yelling at people with his stumpy little thumbs all morning. I think we’re getting to […]

Dare Call It Treason (Update)

As Adam noted yesterday, the DNC hack isn’t just standard intel gathering that virtually all governments do. The decision to use WikiLeaks as an outlet to publicly release the information to interfere with an election “meets the definition of an act of cyberwar,” according to Dave Aitel, whose Ars Technica editorial was quoted in Adam’s […]

Story of Russian Meddling in U.S. Election Has Legs

Following up on Adam’s excellent post yesterday about the DNC server hack, it looks like the story is indeed gaining legs, with an assist from the president. CNN: President Barack Obama won’t rule out the possibility that Russian President Vladimir Putin could be attempting to tip the US presidential election toward Donald Trump. His comments […]