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Wait, WHAT?

Okay, so as I mentioned a while back, my dog Daisy badly cut the pad of her right paw. It is healing nicely, but there’s one spot where her claw rubs up against the wound, and it’s not altogether healed. The vet recommended that we soak her paw in a medicated solution for 10 minutes […]

Ladies Who Lunch (Open Thread)

This looks like a Norman Rockwell painting: The photo is one of a series of 1940s-era color photos taken by Farm Security Administration workers and reprinted in the Washington Post today. The women pictured above were employed as “wipers” (whatever that is) in the “roundhouse” (whatever that is) at the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad in […]

Sunday Afternoon Open Thread

I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days — God only knows why. I used to think the arrangement was odd — that the horns were out of place with the 60s pop flavor of the rest of the song. Now I think it’s genius. YMMV. Something I’ve discovered this week: it’s breathtakingly […]

Trump’s “Heil Mary” Pass*

I’m going to expand on a comment in an earlier thread and disagree somewhat with distinguished colleague Tim F on what the Trump-Breitbart merger means. Replacing campaign veterans like Manafort (odious, second-rate and disreputable though they may be) with an alt-right circle-jerk might look like Trump giving up on winning the presidency. But it’s just […]

AZ Gov. Jan Brewer Gives Weapons to Terrorists in Exchange for Personal Meth Supply

Oh hey, please disregard that title; it’s just a typo. What I meant to say is that Governor Brewer blamed a “stumble of the tongue” when she mispronounced “Hillary Clinton” as “lying killer” during a radio interview this week. Simple mistake — it could happen to anyone, amirite? Open thread!