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NFL Open Thread

So here are this week’s games and my crappy picks, which comprise zero parts knowledge, 1/2 part wishful thinking and one part uninformed guesswork: I just hope today is a better football day for valued commenter Raven and me than yesterday was. I broiled in the noonday sun watching my daughter’s school get clobbered by […]

College Football Open Thread

NOTE from TaMara: This missed it schedule, I just saw it in the drafts, so have rescued it. Sorry for the delay. Party on Betty. Scheduling this post ahead of time because I’m tailgating at the University of South Florida-Florida State game this morning. Go Bulls! Here are the top 25 matchups scheduled for today: […]


Y’all may have already heard this, but it has been confirmed that President Obama’s humiliation of Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner five years ago is indeed what set Trump off on his quest for the presidency: After the humiliation of President Barack Obama raking him over the coals for pushing birther conspiracy theories, […]