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Pet Photo Pro-Tip

Genius idea: It wouldn’t help with the quality of the photo, but it would keep the pet’s attention. Where is everyone today? Getting out the vote, I hope. I was helping turn Florida blue this weekend. And tomorrow, I’m looking forward to voting early. Open thread!

Saturday Afternoon Open Thread

I’m road-tripping today (local travel only — Deplorables Country if the signage is any indication), but it looks like we could use an open thread. Here’s a photo I took the other day. That’s St. Pete on the horizon. The Gators have a bye week, so I’m not paying enough attention to college football to […]

America’s Rage Puppet

I remember clearly when Donald Trump’s birther crusade stopped being funny. There was never anything truly comical about it, of course; it was always an outrageous racist lie concocted to delegitimize the first black president. But living in a nation of 320M people, a not-negligible percentage of whom are raving idiots, we learn to laugh. […]