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Woodsy Respite (Open Thread)

We went for a hike this morning and saw these lovely Sandhill cranes: We also saw a little dragonfly that was the most gorgeous metallic blue: We spotted a couple of soft-shell turtles as well as a gopher tortoise and numerous wading birds. Plus the usual complement of cardinals, jays, mockingbirds, etc. I hope you’re […]

Perspective (Open Thread)

Something funny from the Twitters: Good morning. Another day, another 5ft squirrel trying to break into my car. pic.twitter.com/8Er21o3wla — Paul Bronks (@virtuallydead) April 28, 2017 Man, it’s hot here in West Central FL today! Summer is going to be beastly. It always is, of course. But the sun-blasted hellscape will be even more hellish […]

100 Days of Resistance

For my money, “The Simpsons” provided the definitive recap of the nonstop fail parade that is Twitler’s first 100 days: As the announcer says, we’re 6.8% of the way home! January 20, 2017 marked a modern low for the United States of America with the swearing in of a racist, sexist, xenophobic demagogue who scraped […]

Fixer Upper

There was some discussion at the tail-end of the wee-hours thread about how the efforts to rebuild the Democratic Party are going so far. The Perez-Sanders unity roadshow is widely seen as a flop since there hasn’t been a whole lotta…unity. But was the purpose to display unity or try to get there by airing […]

Odds and Odds Without End

I miss the good old days (2008-2016) when a person could unplug for 12 hours and not find evidence of traitorous behavior in the highest levels of government and multiple instances of chief executive buffoonery upon reentering the media stream. Here are a few things that caught my eye: This seems significant: Former national security […]