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The Gathering Shit-Storm

Thanks to the Russian government’s wildly successful 2016 effort at shoe-horning their asset into the Oval Office, we can all expect a metric shit-ton of disinformation to rain on our heads from now to election day 2020. Every other bad actor — foreign and domestic — will jump on the disinformation bandwagon for fun and […]

Notice Issued (Open Thread)

Pelosi forbids further fuckery: Michael Cohen will come before the @OversightDems & @HouseIntel Committees next week. Congress has an independent duty under the Constitution to conduct oversight of the Executive Branch, and any efforts to intimidate family members or pressure witnesses will not be tolerated. https://t.co/VDc6zE6lwH — Nancy Pelosi (@SpeakerPelosi) February 21, 2019 I can […]

“Step firmly down upon the rake of history…”

As Trump and GOP-driven buffoonery and malfeasance consume almost every minute of our news cycle in the U.S., our cousins across the Atlantic continue hurtling toward a world-historic catastrophuck of their own: TL;DW summary from Mr. Oliver: “A true act of political courage wouldn’t be to call for a second referendum…it would be to acknowledge […]

“Who’s a good debate moderator? You are!” (Open Thread)

Like me, you’re probably expecting the upcoming primary debates to be a shit-show thanks to crappy moderators angling for click-baity soundbites. Someone in my Twitter timeline (can’t remember who, and Twitter doesn’t make backtracking easy) asked folks to suggest unconventional debate formats. I think a Puppy Bowl-style forum would be revealing since dogs are generally […]