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Friday Morning Open Thread: Traditional Silly-Season Fare

As August comic subplots go, this one is pretty solid. https://t.co/o2N9p3AUpM — Daniel W. Drezner (@dandrezner) August 16, 2019 To be fair when I’m down in the dumps and feel like no one likes me I go shopping too https://t.co/fXOv1pmfyd — Asha Rangappa (@AshaRangappa_) August 15, 2019 Of course he hasn’t got the funds to […]

Late-Night Mobius Nest of Vipers: Jeffrey Epstein, Keyser Söze

My timeline is half people being shocked and appalled that the president is promoting nonsense conspiracy theories about Epstein's death and half people offering their own nonsense conspiracy theories about it. (Occasionally these are the same people.) — Susan Hennessey (@Susan_Hennessey) August 11, 2019 v strange that Epstein would off himself considering his bright future […]

Thursday Respite Open Thread

When you realize all your dreams are about to come true. pic.twitter.com/ehP6dh7HJt — Em Madden (@emamadden) August 10, 2019   And some make their own dreams come true… Thought we saw an injured bald eagle on the St. Croix River tonight. He wasn't injured #wow pic.twitter.com/APvQEr1HrX — Dan Goff (@dgoff17) August 15, 2019

Election 2020 Open Thread: Golf Clap for Hickenlooper

In a video announcing his exit from the 2020 presidential race, John Hickenlooper said he'd give "some serious thought" to running for Senate in Colorado. https://t.co/vnpYC2R0I0 — Axios (@axios) August 15, 2019 Good for him realizing the inevitable. He decides to run for Senate, I’ll do a full standing ovation! … The big picture: When […]

Thursday Morning Open Thread: Enjoying Summer to the Full

Elizabeth Warren running in Franconia, NH pic.twitter.com/HSRci798p2 — MJ Lee (@mj_lee) August 14, 2019 Expanding on those who may not support Democrats/her now, Warren says she wants to win them over now *and* after she is President: “We’re gonna pull a whole lot more of them in… once we make a first couple of those […]