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Russiagate Open Thread: What Would You Sell, If You Needed the Money?

Kushner racks up millions in debt since joining White House https://t.co/c0atmFjAkP pic.twitter.com/XMGpOAPUSd — The Hill (@thehill) February 14, 2018 “His honor”, without something more tangible to back it, would be worth about 37 cents even in a sellers’ market… So the President’s closest aide, who lacks a permanent security clearance & is likely under criminal […]

Open Thread: Surprise Plot Twist! (Not)

Trump in 2018 will be looking for "unexpected cultural flashpoints" — like the NFL and kneeling — that he can latch onto in person and on Twitter. https://t.co/hGbPcnB8C8 — Axios (@axios) February 12, 2018 I started to tag this “Not Normal”, but it’s really the standing Republican “normal”, isn’t it? … It’s the strangest of […]

Open Thread: Happy Shrove Tuesday!

An African-American Mardi Gras ‘battle song’, ostensibly in celebration of a medieval European holiday, slighty repurposed by a singer in the Solomon Islands. Truly, we are a global community! Shrove Tuesday, of course, is the day before Ash Wednesday and the start of Lenten fasting (carne vale, farewell to meat). In the Northern European days […]

KULCHA! Open Thread: Those Are A Couple of Very Fine Portraits

to be seen in every black church beginning next february pic.twitter.com/Sjj6n26Umu — Broderick Greer (@BroderickGreer) February 12, 2018 Yeah, I know Betty beat me to it, but it’s the dead hour so I’m gonna indulge myself. As someone who spent many, many weekends during my childhood investigating all the best public-access museums in New York […]

Late Night Open Thread: To Infinity, With Branding!

The Trump Space Hotel. pic.twitter.com/lq9t5Rr0B4 — Schooley (@Rschooley) February 11, 2018 . The Trump Administration wants all kinds of stuff it ain’t gonna get: The White House plans to stop funding the station after 2024, ending direct federal support of the orbiting laboratory. But it does not intend to abandon the orbiting laboratory altogether and […]

Dog Rescue Bleg – Nashville Area

From “long-time reader, infrequent commentor” Gary F: Our dog Huxley, a 20 lb shi-tzu or pekingese mix, needs a new home. We got him from a shelter in 2010 and he clearly wasn’t treated well. He’s sweet, playful, loves to cuddle in bed. He’s crate trained. He barks a lot-cars pulling up, other dogs, sirens, […]