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Thursday Morning Open Thread: Pivotal Image

The picture Pres Trump tweeted from today’s meeting at the WH that he captioned “Nervous Nancy’s unhinged meltdown!” is now Pelosi’s cover photo: pic.twitter.com/xLJZCtPQxc — Frank Thorp V (@frankthorp) October 16, 2019 Not since Guernica have we seen this much going on in an image. pic.twitter.com/fge54qXyO8 — Matt Fuller (@MEPFuller) October 16, 2019 Take a […]

Cold Grey Pre-Dawn Open Thread: Norman Desmond in the WH

Oh hey! Rudy's Ukraine extortion coconspirators, DiGenova and Toensing, are back from meeting with oligarch client in Vienna (who seems to have funded the whole operation) to talk with Lou Dobbs about the missing DNC server, Crowdstrike and Hillary's emails! pic.twitter.com/xPQtgn8cKW — Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) October 17, 2019 .@MerriamWebster can we do "decompensating"? — Josh […]

Late Night Open Thread: If Not for Hypocrisy, They’d Have No Standards At All

The Little Princeling: Shorter Rand Paul: I don't care about a goddamn thing but saving Donald Trump. https://t.co/TcSiARmJpI — Tom Nichols (@RadioFreeTom) October 15, 2019 I think Rand Paul going to the wall to protect a New York real estate hustler who's in bed with a bunch of Ukrainian oligarchs is exactly the kind of […]

Desperate Fantasies Open Thread: Missing Hillary *SO* Much

They can’t let go of Hillary. They’re like a cult that expected the aliens to take them away, but it didn’t happen, and they can not adjust their beliefs to reality https://t.co/836SW73Pav — Dana Houle (@DanaHoule) October 15, 2019 She’s positioning herself for 2028!https://t.co/mLk3mOXddg — Dana Houle (@DanaHoule) October 15, 2019   BOTH SIDES! (Note […]

Election 2020 Open Thread: Senator Harris Had A REALLY Good Debate

Fortune favors the prepared mind, and Kamala came prepared. She deserves all the positive notice she’s garnered. Kamala Harris talks about access to women's reproductive healthcare, which has not been discussed in previous debates. #DemocraticDebate pic.twitter.com/JZ2765LUWo — Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 16, 2019 Harris didn't wait for moderators to ask a question about abortion, […]