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Monday Morning Open Thread: Aspire!

Aspire to greatness (photographer unknown) pic.twitter.com/oOI08Uf1uZ — 41 Strange (@41Strange) February 17, 2019 . Here’s the view from the front of ?@KamalaHarris?’ town hall in #Charleston, SC. Campaign says nearly 1000 RSVP’ed, but they’ve run out of seats here. Standing room only #2020campaign pic.twitter.com/5b0KqB5Fhe — Kyung Lah (@KyungLahCNN) February 15, 2019 And then the twitter-whinging […]

Late Night Sportsball Open Thread: Kaepernick Is Still Pissing Off All the Reicht Right People

Every Wisconsin State Republican legislator is White.@Kaepernick7 is from Milwaukee Wisconsin. https://t.co/OWUNOLcoxQ — Randy Bryce (@IronStache) February 17, 2019 The Guardian trolls the NFL: Colin Kaepernick’s lawyer says his client still wants to play in the NFL, and believes he would fit in well at the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. On Friday, Kaepernick […]

RussiaFvckery Open Thread: Brexit, Too Also

NEW: Cambridge Analytica employee who worked on Brexit is subpoeaned by Robert Mueller. This is BIG. Brittany Kaiser – who sat next to @arron_banks at LeaveEU launch – becomes subject of Mueller inquiry into Trump-Russia collusion 💣🔥🎆 https://t.co/zComUOmzwm — Carole Cadwalladr (@carolecadwalla) February 17, 2019 Putin: Maybe I can’t make Russia Great Again, but I […]

Foreign Affairs Open Thread: Nobel Nominations Edition

Via International Relations Professor Dan Drezner’s twitter feed: So apparently the Trump administration unofficially asked Abe to submit the documents necessary to nominate the US president for the Nobel Peace Prize, per Asahi.トランプ氏をノーベル賞に推して…米国が安倍首相に依頼:朝日新聞デジタル https://t.co/e4JAVIeVQL — Jesse Johnson (@jljzen) February 16, 2019 Jesse Johnson works for The Japan Times, “Japan’s largest and oldest English-language daily newspaper”; […]

Money Messaging Open Thread: Trump Stole Your Tax Refund & Gave It to His Rich Cronies

(Jack Ohman via GoComics.com) . Every time you hear anyone complain that they’re not getting the tax refund they had expected, tell them Trump took their refund to pay for his wall. — Dana Houle (@DanaHoule) February 15, 2019 If that isn’t part of the Democratic messaging for 2020, shame on the campaigners. I know […]