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Early Morning Open Thread: Whither the Weather?

From a period many years before the groundhog took over forecasting duties… “If Candlemas is bright and clear, There’ll be two winters in the year; If Candlemas brings snow and rain, Old winter shall not come again.” Required legal boilerplate: Not a scienterrific methodology. So, what’s the weather like in your neighborhood this morning?

America’s House of Lords

James Fallows has another excellent post on the death-spiral fallacy of “bipartisanship” in modern American politics: I got this note from someone with many decades’ experience in national politics… __ “Bipartisanship in the American sense means compromising on legislation so that a sufficient number of members of Congress from BOTH parties will support it, even […]

Calling the Judicial Radicals Out

E.J. Dionne, bless him, is shrill: The nation owes a substantial debt to Justice Samuel Alito for his display of unhappiness over President Obama’s criticisms of the Supreme Court’s recent legislation — excuse me, decision — opening our electoral system to a new torrent of corporate money. Alito’s inability to restrain himself during the State […]

Early Morning Open Thread

Tomorrow is a marker day — Candlemas, Imbolc, Groundhog Day — the point halfway between the Winter solstice and the Spring Equinox. Still plenty of ugly weather to live through, but as my Irish ancestors used to say, “Live, horse, and you’ll get grass.” Coldest weekend so far here in New England, but there’s a […]

Douthat & O’Keefe, Legacy Comics

You know the old chestnut, “History repeats itself — first as tragedy, then as farce”? Well, comedy works the same way. And it turns out (sorry, DougJ) that Ross Douthat might actually consider himself to be a comedian, in the mold of Bill Murray. Recent events have convinced me that Douthat, the NYT’s “new, young” […]