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Early Morning Open Thread: Less Ugly Americans?

DougJ already linked to one of James Fallows’ excellent Atlantic posts on the Media Village Idiots’ deliberate misunderstanding of President Obama’s goals during his Asian trip. But I thought this quote from an unnamed government official in Manufactured Failure #6 : The Wrapup deserved to be highlighted: “From inside our bubble, we thought we were […]

Obligatory Sarah Palin

I suspect good progressives are too hip ever to have watched Judging Amy, but the new infotainment-friendly Sarah Palin strikes me as the runaway offspring that Tyne Daly was too embarrassed to tell Amy Brenneman and her siblings about… Andrew Sullivan complains “She wants to be a celebrity, not a politician. And if she could […]

Cross-Cultural… Misinterpretations

I don’t know why Erick Erickson hasn’t already announced a fund-raising drive to bring this… unusual… artwork celebrating President Obama’s visit to China back to a venue where it can really be appreciated… (via WGNtv.com Chicago) Perhaps the Red State Strike Farce simply can’t decide who’ll get custody. Or possibly $15k is some $14,913 $14,999,913 […]

Sunday Morning Open Thread: Music

Truly, this blogoverse is an amazing space. Twenty four hours ago, I did not even know there was such a musical category as ‘paganfolk’, and yet a commentor’s request concerning the translation of Japanese katakana led to a discussion of medieavalist music which led me to spend way too much time on YouTube (and too […]