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The Lowden Plan Medical Chicken Calculator

This (“A simple healthcare plan anyone with a few thousand live chickens can use!”) is hilarious… Senate hopeful Sue Lowden’s plan for Healthcare reform is to barter chickens for medical procedures. But you may be unsure how many chickens are required for your medical care. This handy calculator converts many common procedures into chickens so […]

Open Thread: Rescue Dog of the Day

From this year’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ competition… I still think Kate & Gin had a better, more professional routine during the 2008 competition, but Chandi does get extra points for being a rescue. In case anyone’s curious (i.e., before anyone freaks out), if you want to do canine freestyle, first you figure out your dog’s […]

Death Panel by Algorithm

Murray Waas, award-winning investigative journalist, reports that “Insurer [Wellpoint] targeted breast cancer patients to cancel“: … None of the women knew about the others. But besides their similar narratives, they had something else in common: Their health insurance carriers were subsidiaries of WellPoint, which has 33.7 million policyholders — more than any other health insurance […]

Open Thread: Thursday Night Menu

From Bad Horse’s Filly: Had a little trouble deciding what to post tonight. We’ve been pretty busy at work and we are all a bit tired, when I asked the guys what I should post, ordering pizza instead of cooking won out. I pulled three different menus before I decided on a little taste of […]