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Monday Morning Open Thread: Speaking Truth

“There is no work being done in this administration. Everybody waits around to see what the latest tweet is. . . That’s how policy is being made, & we are going to pay a really big price for that in the years ahead.” ?????? She’s right & she’s warning us again. #NoFucksHillary pic.twitter.com/LSdQP4uKQ4 — diane-jefferson […]

Open Thread: Mike Pompeo, “Secretary of Swagger”

POMPEO: I'm not going to get into hypotheticals about what someone else said. STEPHANOPOULOS: Except it's not a hypothetical. The chief of staff confirmed aid was withheld for political investigations. POMPEO: … 😐😐😐 … pic.twitter.com/85MihdTa0g — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) October 20, 2019 You can almost hear the felonies in Pompeo’s pregnant pause here. https://t.co/KmVqTNte4t — […]

Election 2020 Open Thread: The FTFNYTimes Defends Its #1 Priority

Namely, advertising: here is a very heavy-handed article featuring lots of political consultants who earn lots of money placing FB ads saying campaigns should be placing more FB ads https://t.co/yH9kv6hOkL — Rachel Cohen (@rmc031) October 20, 2019 article waits until 26th paragraph to point out Trump’s online ads are made up of lies; https://t.co/wL0V9f1uXa — […]

Sunday Evening Punchdrunk Politics Open Thread

Klobuchar and Booker are marketable securities. Harris is a prepaid expense. Yang is a small-cap tech stock. Steyer is a cash equivalent. Jill Stein is an idiot. — Mig Greengard (@chessninja) October 19, 2019 Could be worse, we could be Republicans. la macarena – los del rio pic.twitter.com/sXKnGWoDOa — soviet soldiers dancing (@communistbops) October 14, […]