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Election 2020 Open Thread: Kamala Harris Wows the Granite Staters

Loved this exchange w/ Sadie in Keene, NH, who wanted advice from @KamalaHarris on being a good public speaker. ”Have you learned about the Titanic?”… pic.twitter.com/A2B0XV0ERl — Maya Harris (@mayaharris_) April 23, 2019 And this moment deserves all the virality it’s gonna get! If it were Pete or Beto it would be the leading story […]

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Stanning for My Favorite Senator (& Hopefully Future President)

“You stay after it… One might say you persist. Organize…fight for working people and that’s how I am going to the the first woman elected President.” Sen. Elizabeth Warren addresses concerns that sexism could hinder her in her 2020 run #WarrenTownHall https://t.co/HjEFk8gQXO pic.twitter.com/SuAdgkQicW — CNN (@CNN) April 23, 2019   SHE IS (deservedly) GETTING NOTICED, […]

Late Night Election 2020 Open Thread: Go Home, Moulton, You’re High on Your Own Supply

Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton is running for president. He is the 19th candidate to throw his hat into the 2020 Democratic ring. "He's polling at 0% in Iowa and 0% nationally… But good news, there's nowhere to go but up," says CNN’s Harry Enten https://t.co/AgJU0H5KOl pic.twitter.com/JwhML2tx2u — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) April 22, 2019 As I’ve […]

Cat Rescue Bleg – San Jose Area

From “semi-lurker” commentor TMinSJ: A friend of mine called me a few weeks ago to say that his apartment had been inspected by the management and they found his family’s contraband pets, a cat and a dog. He was given 72 hours to get rid of the pets or get a 30 day eviction notice. […]