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Early Morning Open Thread

__ Because “All pet posts, all the time” is beginning to sound better and better… Have I mentioned recently that I really really love GoComics.com? For $12 a year, I get to read Rubes and Ballard Street and Doonesbury and Non Sequitor every morning, as well as some of my favorite editorial cartoonists (Danziger, Rall, […]

I Can Haz Webfortune?

Mr. Cole may want to consider the possibility that Tunch is not pulling his weight in our new Internet-enabled world: … Mr. Huh, a 32-year-old entrepreneur, first became aware of I Can Has Cheezburger, which pairs photos of cats with quirky captions, after it linked to his own pet blog. His site immediately crumbled under […]

Early Morning Open Thread

__ __ Because I can. And it is still less cheesy than this guy: … In late August, Mr. Kurzweil will begin a cross-country multimedia road show to promote “Transcendent Man,” a documentary about his life and beliefs. Another of his projects, “The Singularity Is Near: A True Story About the Future,” has also started […]

Just Shoot Me Them

It must be the off-season, when everyone goes on vacation, because neither DougJ nor the Sadly-naughts have discussed this particular travesty yet. Ken Layne at Wonkette tells us “The Atlantic [Is] Hiring 29 Journalists and an Idiot“: The media industry has fully recovered, as evidenced by this job listing seeking thirty (30!) journalists at the […]