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Late Night Open Thread: What Are You Reading?

TattooSydney suggested that it’s been a while since the last BJ Virtual Book Club… The older I get, the slower I read — don’t know how much of this is natural attrition, and how much is the increasing influence of the intertoobz on my attention span. But I’m having a great time gradually working my […]

Professional Collegiality At Its Finest

I know it is widely assumed that the Washington Post has no editorial standards whatsoever, but you have to give the Kaplan Daily pundits full credit when it comes to shivving a “colleague” who no longer shares the protection of the corporatist aristocracy at whose pleasure the Media Village Idiots serve. Howard Kurtz adds his […]

Early Morning Open Thread

There are a lot of great political cartoonists working in America today, but if I had to pick just one to follow, it would be Danziger. Meanwhile, the POTUS visited an independent bookstore during his Iowa trip: President Obama spent plenty of time in Iowa as a candidate. On Thursday, he had a little homecoming […]

Open Thread: Thursday Nite Menu

Take it away, Bad Horse’s Filly: What a week. I had a great time today talking with college students about resource efficiency and sustainability (or the dreaded, “going green” a nonsense term IMHO). It went really well and I think we connected on a couple changes they could make that would make a true difference. […]