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Another Not-Win for the TeaBaggers (& Bible Spice)

The Washington Post attempts to make lemonade: Two years after his bitter loss in pursuit of the White House, the 73-year-old McCain now begins a final 10-week push and will be the heavy favorite. The Democratic race was still undecided, but whoever emerges will have an uphill fight in heavily conservative Arizona. __ That means […]

Open Thread: Another Snark Artist You May Want to Start Reading

Tom Scocca: Fire That Hippie Larry Summers, Says John Boehner in Speech __ How to kill time arguing about politics while waiting for the next round of primary elections to happen? House minority leader John Boehner obliged by Positioning Himself as a National Leader with a speech that was conveniently pre-distributed, pre-attacked, and pre-counterattacked before […]

Open Thread: Walkability

I owe a commentor whose name I can’t find right now thanks for alerting me to the Walk Score website, which “ranks 2,508 neighborhoods in the largest 40 U.S. cities to help you find a walkable place to live.” You can also type in an address and get a “walkability score” for an individual home […]

“B Corps”: The Anti-Kochs?

On his Esquire blog, John H. Richardson has a teaser up for a Wednesday story about ““Saving Capitalism from Itself”. If you don’t click over, you’ll miss a great cartoon explication of the benefit corporation: … As a college student, [Jay Coen] Gilbert started a sports-apparel company called And One, which was worth $250 million […]