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Late Night Open Thread

Thanks to commentor Eemom for the following “In Memory of the Former General McChrystal” tribute: __ __ *********** This, on the other hand, is from me to commentor Arguingwithsignposts, who needs to learn not to be snotty to old people… __ __

Early Morning Open Thread

__ Happy Monday to all. Today is the astronomical Summer Solstice, but the traditional “Midsummer Eve” celebrations are usually held on the evening of June 23, so you still have time to find a beach where bonfires may be lit and intoxicants consumed. (Of course in America, we’ve repurposed the ancient group pyromaniacal urge to […]

Dems Seek to Woo ‘New’ Voters; Concern Trolls Are Concerned

Karen Tumulty, professional concern troll WaPo reporter, is not impressed when “Democrats spend big to lure Obama’s minority and young voters back to the polls”: … The party’s overall budget for reaching new voters is more than twice as big as the $17 million it spent during the tumultuous 2006 midterm, which returned control of […]

Late Night Open Thread

I’d claim this one was for the Torchwood / Dr. Who fans, but actually I just forgot to run it last weekend for Lily’s Adoption Day. __ __ __ Gardening plans for the weekend have been disrupted, because the Spousal Unit and I have tickets to see the BBC’s “Walking with Dinosaurs” arena show in […]