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Late Night Open Thread: Never Forget

Tom Junod at Esquire summed up this whole past week on Wednesday morning: I am watching Mike Huckabee on Fox. __ He is declaring that two years after being pronounced dead, the Republicans are back — and he’s comparing their resurgence to Twilight, or The Night of the Living Dead. __ That is, to a […]

Late Night Open Thread: Tom Scocca Is A Genius

This is way too good not to share. Scocca, at Slate, takes a righteous flamethrower , or pig bladder, to a couple of Politico‘s Very Conventional Wisdomeers: Here’s the final thought from Politico’s analysis of what went wrong for Barack Obama in the midterm elections, as mid-president John Boehner begins moving his things into the […]

Open Thread: Friday Night Menu

As I promised yesterday, another excellent comfort food menu from TaMara: This is actually one of the highest searched recipes on the blog, so for tonight’s Thursday Friday Night Menu, I’m going to repeat it. I’m (unfortunately for my blogging escapades) swamped with work and meetings today and didn’t think ahead in time to get […]

Open Thread: Saved!

The CAGW liars may have to wait a few years longer to see their dearest fantasies worst fears realized… China now has hipsters! And bridezillas! If those two overwhelming forces can’t sap the conquering forces of even the most authoritarian, post-traditionalist, Forbes-approved empire on the planet long enough to let us get our creative talents […]