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Open Thread: Saturday Night Pets

From commentor Bill D (wmd): Here’s a picture of RC (Rodent Control) Gizmo. He’s a year older now, still likes to sleep on the seat of my motorcycle, but alas the economy will take it away as soon as I find a buyer for the bike. *********** Let me state for the record that I’m […]

Katrina, Five Years On

Many pixels are due for slaughter this weekend to note the ‘anniversary’ of the Katrina disaster, which drowned a still-disputed number of our fellow Americans, the day-to-day lives of a great many more, and (from its instant enshrinement as a media trope) any last mutual illusion that most of us, most of the time, shared […]

Early Morning Open Thread: Foxy

From Tim Eagan’s website: Why isn’t Deep Cover more balanced and fair? __ I’ll cop to the lack of balance; I try to be on the other side of the abuse of power and jive sentimentality no matter where it originates. Given that, I do my best to be fair. That does not, however, mean […]