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Early Morning Open Thread: Hatch Act! Hatchet Act!

I am not a View watcher, but I am given to understand that Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the agitated blonde in this clip, is considered a reliable regurgitator of this week’s conservative talking points: __ __ __ __ Presumably this is yet another attempt by the RNC and/or the Wingnut Welfare Wurlitzer to find some tarball that […]

Open Thread: Thursday Night Menu

Take it away, TaMara… Sometimes I really want oranges. Orange juice, orange popsicles, orange dreamsicles, orange chicken, and oranges, lots of oranges. (BTW, still looking for a really good orange smoothie recipe. Please and thank you.) When I originally put this menu together, I worried that there would be too much orange with both the […]

Open Thread: Wouldn’t It Be Nice

__ __ James Fallows sums up the better angels of my nature: I agree with my colleagues Coates, Sullivan, Green, Ambinder, plus most of the civilized world, in finding this episode nauseating. Silver lining: the possibility that for the Breitbart/Fox attack machine this could be the long-awaited “Have you no sense of decency?” moment. I […]