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Sunday Garden Chat: Graceful Grains

From faithful commentor Marvel: It’s been perfect growing weather here in the Willamette Valley — long, warm & sunny days with cool breezes in the evening. The veggies are pretty much taking care of themselves (at this point, we’re just here to give ’em a refreshing sip of water now & again). We’ve harvested all […]

Cat Updates: Good News & Otherwise

First the good news, from Saira: Orville was picked up by his adopter today and is already at his new home, getting to know his new humans and kitty sibling. It goes without saying that the adopter was from the Balloon Juice commentariat. Thanks again to both you and the BJ community for helping Orville […]

Late Night Open Thread: Why I Got the Hell Out of the Bronx

Behold my people: Second- or third-generation Irish-American rage addicts. (Notice the epicanthic fold; we need those exaggerated eyebrows because nobody can see our eyes.) Rand ‘Thanksdad’ Paul called Pete ‘Mucker’ King (‘and Christie and people like that’) a “tax and spend liberal”. Pete King responded by comparing Rand to Lindbergh during his America First days. […]