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SNAP Cuts (Just in Time for the Holidays, Mr. Scrooge)

This Friday, 48 million people – including 21 million children – will see their food stamp benefits reduced. http://t.co/prq7ZXud2c — BillMoyers.com (@BillMoyersHQ) October 29, 2013 . From Moyers’ link: … Tianna Gaines-Turner recently described the impact of cuts like these in written testimony she submitted to Congressman Paul Ryan’s War on Poverty hearing: “Cutting a […]

Reminder: Send Your 2014 Calendar Pet Photos Now!

Deadline for sending your pics to Beth S. at bjcalendar2014@yahoo.com is this Thursday, October 31. All profits go to Cole’s chosen rescue group MARC (Marion Animal Resource Connection). Beth’s specifications: I’m looking for the highest resolution images possible. The photos themselves won’t be that large, but the largest and highest resolution images people can send […]

Tuesday Evening Open Thread: WIN the Mindshare!!!

Why I {heart} Alex Pareene: Monday was an exciting day for professional haters of Politico, the famous website and newspaper. There is a new memo! Politico memos are their own little literary genre. Usually composed by Politico’s co-founding editors, John Harris and Jim VandeHei, these internal (but always leaked) communications are heavy on obnoxious management […]