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Open Thread: Yoohoo, Yoho!

Via Billmon’s tweetstream, the National Memo highlights a strong contender for Charlie Pierce’s “Royal Regent of the Crazy People” award: Florida congressman Ted Yoho (R) was a relatively unheard-of veterinarian – that is, until he became one of the biggest upset winners of the 2012 election and landed a seat in Washington. Recently Representative Yoho […]

Should the Sochi Olympics Be Relocated?

Via Paul Constant, here’s George Takei: It’s been bubbling for some time, but the controversy over Russia’s draconian “gay propaganda” law has now boiled over.Last week, Russia’s Sports Minister confirmed that the country intends to enforce its laws against visiting LGBT athletes, trainers and fans, meaning anyone even so much as waving a rainbow flag […]

Late Night Open Thread: Few Besos for Bezos

Memo to Post staff: Effective immediately, no AC in newsroom, 13 hour shifts, work schedules at OUR discretion, metal detectors. Love, Jeff — billmon (@billmon1) August 5, 2013 The Amazon-Bezos underbelly, like Graham and Kaplan. Allentown Call could get Pulitzer. http://t.co/9na4TJb2dL — Thomas Edsall (@Edsall) August 6, 2013 Via Billmon, Ian Welsh: … Even though […]

Monday Evening Open Thread: Citizens Against Sex Toys

John Dolan at NSFWCorp interviews Ian “David Koch” Murphy about his recent incarceration: Ian Murphy, notorious reporter and artist for The Buffalo Beast, just got out of the Erie County jail after being sentenced to 15 days for “disturbing a religious service,” the prosecutor’s dubious term for disorderly conduct/obscenity at an anti-gay demonstration. His real […]