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BugWars: Good News, Bad News

Good news, as far as it goes, per the NYTimes: The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday put in place a major new policy to phase out the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in cows, pigs and chickens raised for meat, a practice that experts say has endangered human health by fueling the growing epidemic of […]

A Budget, If We Can Keep It…

Per the Washington Post: … In their final action of the year, the House approved the budget 332 to 94, with 169 Republicans and 163 Democrats voting in favor, and 62 Republicans and 32 Democrats voting against. Earlier Thursday, lawmakers agreed unanimously to approve the National Defense Authorization Act, which sets military pay and policy, […]

Long Read: Mission Implausible

Remember Robert Levinson, “longest-held hostage in U.S. history“? Looks like the cynics may have been right, per the AP: Missing American in Iran was working for CIA In March 2007, retired FBI agent Robert Levinson flew to Kish Island, an Iranian resort awash with tourists, smugglers and organized crime figures. Days later, after an arranged […]

Thursday Morning Open Thread: Green Shoots

In our (East Coast-centric) breakfast roundup of happy, or at least not depressing, news… Noam Scheiber, at TNR, says “The Budget Deal Is a Win for Democrats (And the GOP doesn’t know it yet)”: … The Murray-Ryan deal isn’t really about the sequester. It’s a two-year truce on fiscal self-sabotage—and, more to the point, a […]