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Long Read: “Heritage Foundation stirs the base and alienates allies”

I’m tempted to label this “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”… but the Heritage Foundation has always been weird, just in a very Beltway-friendly “scholarly” mode. Now it looks like the most evolved specimens of this parasitic tribe have decided to strip every shred of flesh off the bones of the dying […]

Sunday Garden Chat: Scotch Bonnets

From commentor Carbon Dated: A couple years ago I contributed to the garden chat from our East Village place…. We have since moved west. FAR FAR west, to 10th avenue. And north, to Hell’s Kitchen. And UP, to the 21st floor. So, the garden is limited to the potted plants I can fit next to […]

Late Night Music Open Thread

. Courtesy commentor MC Simon Milligan. Not sure I like it as much as Tightrope just yet, but Ms. Monae is an original! Speaking of reader recommendations, was it one of you guys who linked to Songza? So far I’m enjoying its ‘curated’ channels more than I have previous excursions into Pandora/Songify/whatever, even though it […]