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Security Theater: Would This Man Lie to Us? (Updated)

(Pat Oliphant via GoComics.com) As advised by multiple commentors, I missed this evening’s update. Per the Guardian: White House insists James Clapper will not lead NSA surveillance review Officials stress director of national intelligence will have limited role after Obama seemed to imply Clapper would head panel The White House has moved to dampen controversy […]

Open Thread: Cruz-ifying the Religious Right

I’ll admit I thought Rick ‘Sanctimonious’ Santorum was going to be The One for 2016’s spite voters, but it looks like the fickle bastids are already wooing a new head-turner. Dave Weigel reports from last weekend’s “FAMiLY Leader” Iowa unbeauty contest: … The way social conservative see it, they’ve blown two consecutive primaries to a […]

The Arc-Lamp of History, Bending

Just so nobody misses it, I want to highlight Mr. Pierce’s argument for historical memory when it comes to the “unintended consequences” of The War on (Some People, with regard to Some) Drugs: … You will hear, often, of the explosion in the United States prison populations “since 1980.” That date is not accidental. We […]

Monday Evening Open Thread: Because Godwin Is So Last Election…

Traditionally August is the silly season for news, but the Wingnut Wurlitzer is so silly all year ’round that they have to get really outlandish for the ‘pickled-cucumber days’. Roy Edroso has so much rightblogger opposite-of-goodness to share in his latest Village Voice column, this particular tidbit gets shoved to the second page: … For […]