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A Mumia for the Glibertarians

Last time we paid attention to Adam Kokesh, former co-protestor Medea Benjamin was saying “The thing about Adam is he’s a publicity hound. He loves the attention. He’s got a huge ego.” (This was before Ms. Benjamin re-established her own bona fides heckling the President on Thursday.) Now, according to Dell Cameron reporting for the […]

Sunday Morning Garden Chat: Exotic Incognita

From commentor Mary G: This is the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink bed in my driveway. Got three batches of blooms from the snapdragons planted in November for the first time; I love gardening in Southern California. Something is always blooming, but I like May the best. Does anyone know what the plant with the dark purple/orange and red […]

Movie Night: “We Steal Secrets”

Comments now enabled — FYWP! The new review at Mother Jones reminded me I’m looking forward to seeing this, once it goes “on demand”. NYMag‘s movie reviewer, David Edelstein: Before I saw Alex Gibney’s documentary We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks, I figured Gibney would be kicking the same government hornet’s nest already inflamed […]