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Sunday Sermon Open Thread

"Let he who has not smoked crack and threatened to rip his political opponents' throats out cast the first stone…" pic.twitter.com/AHmI52OdtP — billmon (@billmon1) November 10, 2013 . Apart from the whole ‘impulse control’question, what’s on the agenda for the evening?

Sunday Garden Chat: Fall Garden

From commentor Currants: I grew up in a family with a huge vegetable garden, and I hated everything to do with growing vegetables, especially green beans, with a flaming passion. For a long time, I grew only flowers—because, having grown up in the country, it was an opportunity to be outside, doing something. (And who […]

Manly, Sporting Open Food Thread

To continue the sweaty, competitive theme of the day, here’s a Texas Monthly note on “Denton’s Fight to Prevent the Sriracha Apocalypse”: Earlier this week, a pro-environment entity filed a lawsuit to prevent the production of one of our nation’s most important resources. No, not oil or gas. This legal war is being waged over […]

Early Morning Open Thread

I arise, facing East, I am asking toward the light; I am asking that my day Shall be beautiful with light. I am asking that the place Where my feet are shall be light, That as far as I can see I shall follow it aright. I am asking for the courage To go forward […]