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Monday Morning Open Thread

(Jim Morin via GoComics.com) But, hey, at least we can look forward to driverless cars!… … While driverless cars might still seem like science fiction outside the Valley, the people working and thinking about these technologies are starting to ask what these autos could mean for the city of the future. The short answer is […]

Late Night Movie Review: The Lone Ranger

This turned out to be a mixed bag for us — I really enjoyed it, the Spousal Unit (who grew up loving the tv series) found it baggy, illogical, and aggravating to think about. It is all those things, so if you like tight swift sensible movies, be warned: The Lone Ranger is absolutely not […]

Immigration Deform: No Sharks with Frikkin’ Laser Beams?

Alex Pareene, at Salon: … Late in June, two Republicans, Sens. Bob Corker (Tenn.) and John Hoeven (N.D.), inserted an amendment into the Senate bill to strengthen security at the American border with Mexico. No Democrats opposed the measure in a “test vote” before the Senate’s passage of the larger bill. The amendment’s proposals are […]

Sunday Morning Garden Chat: Percival

Pictures taken by me, of my yard, just as a reminder of what happens when nobody sends me photos for Sunday morning… So: What’s going on in your gardens, this week? Our front yard, where the grass desperately needs mowing. It’s too early in the summer for the daylilies to be so exuberant… … since […]