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Saturday Morning Open Thread: Minor Indulgences

Dave Segal, “The Stranger‘s resident weird-music specialist”, is dyspeptic about America’s Top Ten Singles: … “Holy Grail” reeks of synergizing corporate stratagem. Are the skreets listenin’? Do Fortune 500 CEOs like hiphop? Do you want to make Shawn Carter even richer? Whatever the case, “Holy Grail” starts out like a maudlin ballad, Justin Timberlake viscerally […]

Friday Recipe Exchange: Special Sauces

From our Food Goddess, TaMara: I kind of knew when I saw JeffreyW’s Fish Taco post this week that I wanted to showcase it tonight. But I wasn’t sure what else I should feature. Then it hit, JeffreyW has a plethora of sauce recipes. I went looking to see which ones I could use. There […]

Open Thread: Nherd Nhutpicking

Paul Constant, book critic at Seattle’s Stranger, posted this: John Scalzi’s sci-fi novel Redshirts won a Hugo Award over the weekend. On his Facebook page, military sci-fi author John Ringo posted this (links added to the post are mine, not Ringo’s) in response: If anyone has been wondering why Scalzi has been picking the rather […]