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Sunday Evening Open Thread: All That You Have

Sometimes one just needs to get outside of the box. From the NYTimes: LONDON – “The Cuckoo’s Calling,” a debut detective novel published here in April, was not a huge commercial success, but it got great reviews. Readers described it as complex, compelling and scintillating. They compared the author — a former military police investigator […]

Sunday Garden Chat

From commentor RAM: Here’s a photo of our first full-sized tomato of the season, along with some nice green beans, black raspberries, and lettuce that my wife snapped this a.m. We live 40 miles west of Chicago and this is the earliest we can remember harvesting full-sized tomatoes. Not even sure what variety it is. […]

Open Thread: Billions for Millionaires, But Not One Cent for Hungry Children

Before the strain of staying on our best behavior breaks us, here’s some more well-deserved invective concerning the food-stamp-free farm bill. Gail Collins, in the NYTimes, on the GOP’s “Tasty Bites theory of government” … Lately, the House has begun chopping up big, complicated bills into what Speaker John Boehner once described as “bite-sized chunks […]