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Open Thread: Progress, If We Can Keep It

Tom Foley, Democratic House Speaker between 1989 and 1994, died last week. The New Republic took to its wayback machine to pull up what’s probably the best-remembered story about Rep. Foley — Lee Atwater sending out an official RNC memo comparing Foley to Barney Frank (“Tom Foley, Out of the Liberal Closet”): … Atwater said, […]

Sunday Garden Chat: Incidental Glory

From commentor Max: I had some wildflower seeds that I threw into a transplant pot just for the hell of it. It dried out so much in September that they didn’t look too hot, but it rained all last week, so I got this picture. Freeze coming, so they’re gone with the wind. Not a […]

Late Night Open Thread: Dark Heart

@GreatDismal Definitely has a silencer on it, anyway. — billmon (@billmon1) October 19, 2013 . Somebody has a book to sell, so — just in time for planning Halloween costumes! — we learn that Dick Cheney survived five heart attacks to steal a transplant from a more deserving recipient by being a total, total wussy […]