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Thursday Morning Open Thread: So, So Sochi

Wolf in my hall?!? #SochiProblems #SochiFail http://t.co/ZMqZFC40jp — Kate Hansen (@k8ertotz) February 20, 2014 Via NYMag: “You know it’s been a rough Olympics when an athlete shares footage of a wild animal roaming in her hall and you think, “come on, it’s just a Siberian Husky on the loose.” But, yeah, look at those paws: […]

Late Night Open Thread: GOProud (to Accept Second-Class Status)

Dave Weigel, at Slate, with news of life among the Big Swinging Cons: The run-up to CPAC, the annual conference of conservatives, is traditionally marked by a few weeks of what-it-means coverage… Story No. 2, from Beth Reinhard, is that the conference has reversed its policy on inviting gay Republican groups, after two years of […]

Wednesday Morning Open Thread

(Drew Sheneman via GoComics.com) Some potential midweek entertainment, per Robert Costa: After weeks of tightly managed public appearances, embattled New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will revive his extemporaneous side on Thursday, holding a town hall meeting in Middletown, N.J. But the public forum, Christie’s first such event since several of his advisers were implicated in […]