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Holiday Gifts from Senators Warren & Reid

On Tuesday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill to ban mandatory pre-employment credit checks. Josh Eidelson, in Salon: … Warren’s bill, the Equal Employment for All Act, would make it illegal for employers (outside national security jobs) to require that job applicants disclose their credit history. Warren’s Senate bill is co-sponsored by six Senate Democrats, […]

The NSA Report: “Liberty & Security in A Changing World”

(Mike Luckovich via GoComics.com) Per the Washington Post: A panel appointed by President Obama to review the government’s surveillance activities has recommended significant new limits on the nation’s intelligence apparatus that include ending the National Security Agency’s collection of virtually all Americans’ phone records. It urged that phone companies or a private third party maintain […]

Late Night Open Thread: What Was Netflix Thinking?…

Oh, my. RT @lambertslovelee: I guess this is why you don't put Christmas lights on a palm tree pic.twitter.com/lozOszYZT5 — Brad Friedman (@TheBradBlog) December 3, 2013 There were half a dozen commentors asking, as a response to my post on the Mitt documentary, “What was Netflix thinking?” Which reminded me that I hadn’t yet put […]

Wednesday Evening Open Thread: Schadenfreude At Its Richest

Via Dave Weigel, who says: Netflix just debuted the trailer for Mitt, its documentary about Willard M. Romney’s failed White House bid. And while it doesn’t contain any revelatory information about the Romney campaign, the trailer does show a side of the ever-composed candidate the electorate rarely saw in 2012. You can’t help feeling a […]