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The (Attempted) Rehabilitation of GWB, and His Puppetmaster VP

Peter Baker has a book to sell, about the unsuspected steely-eyed realpoliticks of what Charles P. Pierce calls “the Avignon Presidency”, so the NYTimes Sunday magazine has a loooong excerpt explaining that Dubya totally did not ask ‘how high’ whenever Darth Cheney said ‘jump’… … The president’s closest friends and advisers do not recall him […]

Late Night Open Music Thread

Terms for the GOP's capitulation appear to be almost ready: http://t.co/axTm18V9YR What a bloody pointless waste this has been. #Warishell — billmon (@billmon1) October 12, 2013 . Soundtrack for the sadness of the Teahadists… (Live at the Nobel Peace Prize?!?) You can do better? Prove it, in the comments.

Friday Night Open Thread: Tailgunner Ted Cruz & the “Values” Voters

Cruz to teabaggers: "If you wamt to live in a fantasy world where you'rw winning, then so will I." http://t.co/EiS1k0JiHI — billmon (@billmon1) October 11, 2013 Either Cruz also completely delusional, or he believes living the fantasy now will set him up 2 lead the "stabbed in the back" search later. — billmon (@billmon1) October […]

Friday Recipe Exchange: Lots of Soups for You

From our Food Goddess, TaMara: And we’re back. There’s been a bit of chill in the air with some areas getting the first touch of snow, but I didn’t need much encouragement to start the soup and stew ritual. Last weekend I put two big batches of soup together while it drizzled outside. That means […]