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Open Thread: Douchecanoes on Parade

"Host" — isn't that also what they also called the human incubators in the Alien movies? http://t.co/UhRSoqyWYC — billmon (@billmon1) February 24, 2014 State Senator Steve Martin: “I’m not going to assume a right to kill it just because the child’s host (some refer to them as mothers) doesn’t want it.” Next in the lineup, […]

Open Thread: Class Tells, When There Is No Class

NYMag reports that Chris Christie welches on his fantasy-football bets… assuming, they are careful to point out, you believe the NYPost, neither a reliable nor an unbiased source. Speaking of aging desk jockey has-beens retreating to fantasy, remember Frank Luntz? Looks like it only took him six weeks to overcome his existential agony and find […]

Sunday Evening Sports Open Thread

NYMag reports on the closing ceremonies at Sochi: Just when we were starting to think that the Sochi Olympics would never end, they did. Vladimir Putin and the gang bid farewell to their many international guests on Sunday with a closing ceremony that picked up where the opening ceremony left off a mere sixteen days […]

Other Views on the Situation in Ukraine

Jews in Kiev are told to flee the city. It's like a re-run of the early 20th century. http://t.co/ukzy37CDz8 — corey robin (@CoreyRobin) February 23, 2014 So Citigroup's $1 million man http://t.co/OwkYtEoPM2 is gonna help "reform" Ukraine's economy? http://t.co/SQBYfte8JQ Lucky them. — billmon (@billmon1) February 23, 2014 Julia Ioffe, Russian emigre, on the ground for […]