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Monday Evening Open Thread: Jaw-Jaw

Whoa. Did someone put something in Tom Friedman's mustache? Now I understand what Jennifer Rubin was freaking about: http://t.co/Oa6qt9rtk3 — billmon (@billmon1) November 25, 2013 Fortunately for the nervous among us, NYMag‘s Dan Amira did a roundup of “What Everyone Is Saying About the Iranian Nuclear Deal“, and Bill “Always Wrong” Kristol hates the heck […]

Monday Morning Open Thread: Healthy Progress

(Tom Toles via GoComics.com) . Good news from Professor Krugman: … At a time like this, you really want a controlled experiment. What would happen if we unveiled a program that looked like Obamacare, in a place that looked like America, but with competent project management that produced a working website? Well, your wish is […]

Long Read: Heritage Devoured by Weasels from Within

Could not happen to a more deserving parasite, of course. This putz Michael Needham, once again, strutting his stuff as a comer in the Wingnut Wurlitzer Sweeps. This time it’s a TNR profile by Julia Ioffe, “… Think Republicans have been making fools of themselves? Blame Michael Needham“: … Needham is the 31-year-old CEO of […]

Sunday Garden Chat: Autumn Leavings

. From faithful commentor Marvel: Here in the Willamette Valley, we’re squaring away the last of our Fall chores. The days alternate between cold & drizzly and sunny & brisk (often during the same day). We’ve pulled up the last of the root veggies — a few small bites out of some I had harvested […]