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Late Night Open Thread

As half the populace gears up to travel cross-country and the other half prepares for their visits, many thanks to commentor Republic of Stupidity for news of the latest snark against security theatre: (Available from Skreened.) I think it would coordinate nicely with a bold, manly kilt… ABC News reports that “Some women may be […]

Shifting the Overton Window, to Recalibrate the Evil-Stupid Axis

Reporting from the intersection of Oversharing Ave and Political Grandstanding Blvd, Adrian Chen at Gawker introduces us to the worst pro-life campaigners since Beccah Beushausen’s Internet hoax: The Arnolds are having a baby. Unless the public votes to have the child aborted. Meet the couple behind Birthornot.com, where “you can vote and choose whether we […]

Early Evening Open Thread

Reason #2,657,893 why people think libertarians are arseholes: Would-be hipsters who never got over being the smartest little fella in the high-school debating club awarding themselves hall monitor sashes. And not having the balls to show off their self-invented “title” in front of the people they claim to be… ombudsmanning. Now I’m going to go […]

Open Thread: Thursday Night Menu

Take it away, TaMara: Happy Thursday before Thanksgiving! A little housekeeping. First there will be no Thursday Night Menu next week. Hopefully most of you will be too full by that time to even think about food. For my Canadian, Australian and Thai friends (how cool is the internet) I sincerely apologize. Second, I usually […]