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Open Thread: State of the (Maybe) 2016 Contenders

Yes, I am a Warren fangirl, but no, I still don’t think she’s planning to run for President in 2016. Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, on the other hand, seems to be — at the very least — campaigning for the 2016 VP slot. Ed Kilgore at the Washington Monthly: Even as Hillary Clinton prepares for […]

Friday Morning Open Thread: Predictable

(Ted Rall’s blog) . I {heart} Tom Scocca, because he writes stuff like “Is Glenn Greenwald Still “Red-Hot”? The Politico Investigates“… Politico Magazine is a magazine edition of The Politico—America’s worst publication—whose mission is “to pull back from the flood to understand what it’s all about.” The flood, in that metaphor, is supposed to be […]