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Simple Explanations of the Good Obamacare News

(Mike Luckovich via GoComics.com) For your forwarding-to-the-low-information-friends&family pleasure. Jon Chait, at NYMag: … For all the Sturm und Drang, implementing a successful health-care reform was not actually very hard, for the simple reason that the United States started with the worst-designed health-care system in the industrialized world. When you spend far more on health care […]

Open Thread: “Why Be A Neocon?… “

Because, per Tom Scocca at Gawker, “You Like Being Very Wrong About Everything“: Slate columnist Reihan Salam has an important message: He still believes in neoconservatism. He concedes, more or less, that the past 13 years of United States foreign policy have been a hideous spectacle of strategic, tactical, and moral failure, all perpetrated in […]