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Open Thread: Maybe Cole Was Wrong…

… About that Social Media Director. According to NYMag, “U.S. Airways Employee Who Tweeted Plane Porn at Customer Won’t Be Fired”: … “It was an honest mistake,” a U.S. Airways spokesperson told the Daily News, in reference to what is arguably the best and worst tweet of all time. “It was in an attempt to […]

Pet Memorial: Farewell, Wylie

From commentor Parrotlover77: I know you guys post pet memorials sometimes, so I’m really hoping you can do one for the most awesome bird to ever take flight on this world of ours. His name was Wylie. He was a peach faced lovebird. I adopted him 19 years ago when I was 18. So if […]

The Attempted Self-Martyrdom of A Welfare Rancher

The continued popularity of this tweet among both liberals and wing nuts/gun nuts continues to impress me. pic.twitter.com/f5XpdrQXWx — billmon (@billmon1) April 14, 2014 In the Guardian‘s scrupulously fairminded reporting: … Cliven Bundy, the last remaining cattleman in southern Nevada, mobilized hundreds of sympathizers on Saturday to his “range war” in Bunkerville, Nevada, after the […]