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Open Thread: Pay Your Debt, Thad

Alex MacGillis, at TNR, has a couple suggestions for the Senator from Mississippi: … It is hard to overstate the significance and historical ironies of black Mississippians crossing party lines to rescue a senior member of the state’s Republican establishment. Voting patterns are more divided by race in Mississippi than anywhere else in the country, […]

Open Thread: Nights Like This Are Why Twitter Was Invented

Remember this Tea Party Rs, you were sold out. You were betrayed. You were stabbed in the back by GOP establishment. Don't accept that. — David Corn (@DavidCornDC) June 25, 2014 Straw, consider yourself clutched. MT @emptywheel: Can't believe we're hoping Cochran winning will embarrass GOP enough to re-up VRA. — billmon (@billmon1) June 25, […]