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We Are the Champions Overkillers

Okay, now I’m really looking forward to reading Elizabeth Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction. Review by Kathryn Schulz, in NYMag: … Environmental issues are not known for their entertainment value: Pollution is dreary, energy wonky, climate change depressing. Perversely, extinction, which should be the most existentially troubling, is something of an exception. That’s thanks almost entirely […]

Wednesday Evening Open Thread: Advantage Canada?

Well played, Canada. Well played. "@Molson_Canadian's passport-enabled beer fridge in Sochi" http://t.co/aoYV7ECftc pic.twitter.com/6AjkDSWCrG — Meredith Frost (@MeredithFrost) February 11, 2014 In other Sochi “news”, Joe DeLessio at NYMag: How much better are the United States and Canada in women’s hockey than every other country on the planet? Since women’s hockey became an Olympic sport in […]

Early Morning Open Thread: John Oliver Yells at TechNerds

. Via Andrew Leonard at Salon, who seems to take this rather more seriously than it deserves. Wikipedia says “The Crunchies is an award ceremony, run by TechCrunch, which celebrates the most compelling startups, internet and technology innovations of the year“. Apart from a strong whiff of the stuff I use in my tomato planters, […]

Repubs Against Voters: The Hood Mask Is Slipping

Richard L. Hasen, at Slate, on “The New Conservative Assault on Early Voting”: … In the past few weeks, a flurry of conservatives have attacked early voting, from Eugene Kontorovich and John McGinnis in Politico to George Will in the Washington Post to J. Christian Adams in the Washington Times. The timing is no coincidence: […]