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Late Night Horrorshow Open Thread: Hey, Remember “The Day After”?…

John Oliver is doing his best to break my heart. Forget Jaws, Psycho, or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre — Testament is my choice for the scariest movie ever. And I did watch The Day After when it first appeared, but I don’t remember the after-show: … On its original broadcast (Sunday, November 20, 1983), ABC […]

Open Thread: “No Labels? No Results? No Problem”

Remember the “political and media A-listers” of lobbyist self-promotion group No Labels?: Republicans and ex-Clintonistas, spanning the political gamut from far-right to center-right! Hey, no point bothering with ‘unserious’, non-Right points of view, if your whole purpose is to encourage that all-American chimera known as “Centrism”. McKinnon & Mark Penn, together again — and if […]

Monday Morning Open Thread: Eid Mubarack!

Okay, pet stories start tomorrow morning, because loyal commentor SiubhanDuinne reminded me that today is the official Eid al-Fitr (“breaking of the fast”) holiday marking the end of Ramadan. I’m already lagging behind most of our Muslim readers on the opposite side of the globe (hello, Amir!) but it’s never too late to celebrate hopes […]

Late Night TV Open Thread

For all the self-styled geeks here (yes, I are one), I don’t think there’s been a single (San Diego) ComicCon post this time. Here’s a tidbit from Vulture: George R.R. Martin dropped some big news on Vulture when we ran into him at the Bates Motel party at Comic-Con last night: He will essentially be […]