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Wishing WILL Make It So, Or Else

Via commentor El Cid, the latest incarnation of our great Real American(tm) tradition of insisting that what we want to be true must be true… and death to anyone who disagrees. “Sovereign citizens spin history, reject government”: As many as 300,000 people identify as sovereign citizens, the Southern Poverty Law Center found in a study […]

Another Downside to Globalization

From the NYTimes, “Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Moving From South Asia to U.S.“: A dangerous new mutation that makes some bacteria resistant to almost all antibiotics has become increasingly common in India and Pakistan and is being found in patients in Britain and the United States who got medical care in those countries, according to new studies. […]

Early Morning Open Thread

John Richardson has made excellent use of the internet to add some extra notes he gathered while researching “Newt Gingrich: The Indispensable Republican” to his Esquire blog. I’m not going to quote much here, because you don’t want to read this stuff over breakfast (or just before you go to bed). But here’s a teaser […]

Open Thread: “A Sort of Missouri Compromise for Our Times”

Harold Meyerson at the Washington Post takes a lead from our own Dennis G: … On this page last week, my colleague E.J. Dionne Jr. rightly noted that by attacking the [14th] amendment, Republicans seek to undo one of their party’s greatest and most inclusionary achievements. Civil War- and Reconstruction-era Republicans took pains to ensure […]