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Sunday Night Open Thread (Secret Blockquote Fix!)

Because the Esteemed Proprietor is off watching football and the Lexicon is still un-editable, I will share with y’all the Michael Gass Memorial Multi-Paragraph Blockquoting Fix: Three Dots. Also known as “an ellipsis”. Used between every paragraph you want to link together in your blockquote, like so: The ellipsis is a most useful tool, when […]

Friday Night Open Thread

The last of this summer’s paltry tomato plants are well & truly frost-withered, and the final hastily-gathered bowlful of green fruits don’t look very promising either. But next week, the weatherpodperson promises, more 60-degree days! Happy Friday night, y’all…

Late Late Night OT (Weekend Menu Edition)

I guess we’ll have to take ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’ out of the Lexicon now, because once Jake Tapper starts using it any phrase is officially Lame & Worn Out. (H/T Wonkette) Also (thank you Bad Horse’s Filly) here is the Thursday Night Menu – Checkered Tablecloth Edition, slightly late, because Monday holidays screw around with […]

Early Morning Open Thread

Good news for John McCain angry activists! The Boston Globe says that psychologists Tim Kasser and Malte Klar find “activism”, however futile, makes people feel better about themselves! Psychologists curious about what fuels human happiness have looked at political engagement and political activism, and they’ve found that it provides people with a sense of empowerment, […]