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Sunday Morning Garden Chat: Southern Charm

From loyal commentor Raven (in Georgia): Here’s how it’s looking this week. She works so hard on the roses and they last a couple of weeks. *********** Here in New England (where our irises are finally starting to bloom), I’ve got my first batch of sixteen lovely stout leafy mail-order heirloom tomatoes, plus a couple […]

Saturday Morning Open Thread

. Got my first (of three) shipments of mail-order tomato plants yesterday, so today it’s off to my favorite local garden center to pick up fresh potting mix. And maybe some annuals, if I can’t resist — it’s probably warm enough to fill the hanging baskets again. Should check out their tomatoes, too, see if […]

Friday Recipe Exchange: Simple Fruit Desserts

JefferyW makes Creme Fraiche . From our Food Goddess, TaMara: This week cooking was centered on desserts, most by request, so I thought it would make a good theme for tonight’s recipe exchange. JeffreyW made one of my favorite toppings, Creme Fraiche, pictured above and recipe here. He also makes quite a few dump cakes, […]