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“Vote No, Hope Yes” (Count on the MSM for Cover)

Spot the elision, kiddies! Carl Hulse, in the NYTimes: WASHINGTON — After the shutdown, the filibusters and years of stalled bills, it was the actual passage of legislation this week that revealed the true depth of congressional dysfunction. The House vote to raise the debt limit and stifle the budget wars was remarkable not only […]

Open Thread: Never Trust A Grifter

Per Dave Weigel at Slate, James “Dead Breitbart’s Erstwhile Dress-Up Houseboy” O’Keefe is being sued by another of his Project (No) Veritas associates: … On Jan. 27, Daniel Francisco, who was until earlier that month the executive director of Project Veritas, launched a lawsuit (case No. 51182/2014) against his former employer. In the summons, filed […]