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Excellent Reads: The Washington Post Takes Much-Deserved Victory Lap

Taylor Swift as the redacted Mueller report: a thread pic.twitter.com/tOk0B9Gdly — Capital J (@ohcauseshesdead) April 19, 2019 Book critic Carlos Lozada: The Mueller report is that rare Washington tell-all that surpasses its pre-publication hype. Sure, it is a little longer than necessary. Too many footnotes and distracting redactions. The writing is often flat, and the […]

Saturday Morning Open Thread: D&D, the Family-Friendly Modern Edition

How Dungeons and Dragons somehow became more popular than ever https://t.co/Id6xZtuZEd — The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) April 18, 2019 I first hooked up with the Spousal Unit when we were sharing a crowded off-campus ex-frat-house, and he was a serious Dungeon Master. (I wasn’t a player; it was obvious we could either game together or […]

Friday Night Respite Open Thread

Cat uses sign language to communicate with deaf owner pic.twitter.com/59cxOV3WgB — Akki (@Akki_J2) April 14, 2019 . I’m sure the rationalists are already explaining that this is not true language use, but the cat and his person have achieved a mutually satisfactory method of communication, and by my standards that is enough.

Mueller Report Open Thread: Assange/Russia/Trump Collusion Edition

NEW: Brad Bauman, a former spokesman for Seth Rich's family, responds to Mueller's finding that Julian Assange and @WikiLeaks "falsely implied" that Rich was WikiLeaks' source for the hacked DNC emails. Bauman's full statement is below. pic.twitter.com/6JPJvlaGTp — Andy Kroll (@AndyKroll) April 19, 2019 Trump is a godsdamned magnet for monsters. Per Kevin Pousen, at […]

Friday Morning Open Thread: So Much for the Holiday Weekend…

Well that’s — quite a 180° turnaround. pic.twitter.com/gRcuhcoF1j — Matt McDermott (@mattmfm) April 19, 2019 .@SpeakerPelosi announcing a Democratic members conference call Monday to discuss the #MuellerReport: "Congress will not be silent." pic.twitter.com/UpxNYWWkIz — Jill Lawrence (@JillDLawrence) April 19, 2019 -Kamala Harris said the briefing had been “filled with political spin and propaganda”-Elizabeth Warren called […]