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Thursday Morning Open Thread: He’s Losing the Media, Too

From @Kevinliptakcnn: As Trump's aides try to rein him in, he instead acts out: https://t.co/JhgXu7Kzod — Jeremy Diamond (@JDiamond1) August 23, 2017 A tweet you can set to repeat. All that's missing is him saying "no one changed how things are done." https://t.co/5NYyqPv71t — Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) August 23, 2017 . Apart from cheering on […]

Late Night Rational Economics Open Thread: In A Successful Marriage, Each Partner Contributes Their Individual Talents…

A+ @katierogers line: "She even managed to upstage President Trump, a man who had just stared directly into the sun" https://t.co/lG6JpxXD2q — Dan Zak (@MrDanZak) August 23, 2017 Not that it’s easy to sympathize with Louise Linton, but why should only one partner in the relationship be taking so much stick on the internet? My […]

Open Thread: Even the Very Serious People Think He’s Lost the Plot

James Clapper, former director of national intelligence, says he questions President Trump's fitness for office https://t.co/IRRXg7paZM — CNN (@CNN) August 23, 2017 . Yes, I fully agree it’s croggling to find any point of agreement with James ‘NSA’ Clapper… but there it is. Lord Smallgloves is well on his way to achieving a warped form […]

Schadenfreude Open Thread: The McConnell-Trump Marriage of Convenience Has Turned Very, Very Bitter

This Senator Found a Monkey's Paw and Wished for GOP Judicial Nominees. You Won't Believe What Happened Next https://t.co/wroP6TvmvO — Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) August 22, 2017 I, myself, am rooting for painful and potentially disfiguring injuries… Breaking News: Mitch McConnell, the Senate leader, privately doubts whether Trump can salvage his administration https://t.co/MktHupZGpv — The New […]

Excellent Read: “The President of Blank Sucking Nullity”

This appeared before last night’s shitshow in Phoenix, but it seems a perfect explainer. Underrated sports writer David J. Roth, in The Baffler, on what dogs and Donald Trump have in common. [Probably NSFW, especially if your workplace frowns on employees simultaneously laughing & weeping]: … It is not quite fair to say that Donald […]

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: The MH370 of Presidential Speeches

Don Lemon: "What we have just witnessed is a total eclipse of the facts…. He's unhinged. It's embarrassing" – @donlemon — Chris Golden (@chrisgolden) August 23, 2017 Okay, I try to keep this Early Morning Open Thread positive, and yes there are a half-dozen other stories worth discussing. But Murphy take the wheel, the Oval […]

Open Thread: More “Nuremberg in the Desert”

From the beginning of the rally… In this 15+ minute rehashing of remarks – no mention that Trump blamed "both sides" for violence, which was a *critical* piece. — Ali Vitali (@alivitali) August 23, 2017 The message of this speech is that the media committed the greatest Charlottesville-related crimes, and the victim was Donald J. […]