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Open Thread: It’s Almost As Though the Media Villagers Like Having Open Bigots to Showcase

It works like this: ABC: are you a bigot?Bigot: I just think white people are better.ABC: hah we got him to say it out loud hi5 #journalismBigot smiles99% audience: ew a bigot I am superior 1% audience: I never heard this before where do I sign up????? — David M. Perry (@Lollardfish) October 17, 2018 […]

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Message Discipline

Heads up for the "Dems have no national message" people: The McConnell comments on entitlements are driving today's state Dem messaging. pic.twitter.com/OzCvauPMax — Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) October 16, 2018 Remember when Republicans and cable news people concern-trolled the Dems about "overreaching" against Kavanaugh? McConnell's announcement about cutting Social Security and Medicare with three weeks out […]

Lighter than Freon Late-Night Open Thread: Cheeseball Decor for A Spray-Cheez ‘President’

oh my god, it's hanging in the white house pic.twitter.com/wrq8eo7Bvx — Josh Billinson (@jbillinson) October 15, 2018 Old: dogs playing pokerNew: douche plan president https://t.co/LfZWHUJ9n1 — Another Invisible Veteran (@tatto0ed67) October 15, 2018 Per the Washington Post: … “This masterpiece is hanging at the White House,” Kimmel said, barely able to contain his laughter… “There […]

GOP Voter Suppression in Georgia: Maybe If the Seniors Agreed to Ride in the Back of the Bus?…

vote suppression ✅black seniors with a living memory of Jim Crow ✅a f***ing bus ✅ https://t.co/2vR6LQtznK — Zedward D Wood Junior (@Zeddary) October 17, 2018 The Suthrun Tradition revanchists are getting desperate. Let’s keep working to ensure these disgraceful antics will be summed up in the future as an extinction burst. From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, […]

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Getting Out the Vote

Look. No, we can't guarantee everyone gets to vote who should and we can't guarantee every vote will be counted. But I can promise you: the vote you don't cast *definitely* goes right in the garbage. And every election we *don't* win, they have more time and more power. — Alexandraah! Erin (@alexandraerin) October 14, […]

Late Night Horrorshow Open Thread: Assassinating Journalist Not Perceived As Hoped by Saudi Arabia… or Donald Trump

“This is all worrying, because the only reason to kill a journalist in your own consulate with 15 people and a bone saw you flew in that day is because you wanted to send a message, and you were sure you could get away with it.” https://t.co/jN9YGFKVQu — Daniel W. Drezner (@dandrezner) October 15, 2018 […]