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Thursday Morning Open Thread: Now You Wanna Be Our Buddy?

WH officials are attempting to meet next week with moderate Democrats. @RepLynch was asked to come. He declined. https://t.co/CquKzGYUvz — Matt Viser (@mviser) March 29, 2017 … The South Boston Democrat is among those who received a formal invitation to meet next week with Trump’s director of legislative affairs, Marc Short, as the White House […]

Security Theater Open Thread: Wolverines! — Not the UM Kind

"John Kelly stood up at one point and threatened to leave after a community advocate accused the department of targeting their communities" https://t.co/K9hcPTHpxJ — Spencer Ackerman (@attackerman) March 28, 2017 Full story of DHS Sec. John Kelly's tense meetings today in Michigan with Arab-American, Latino, Muslim advocates. https://t.co/rU5YZfCFGx — Niraj Warikoo (@nwarikoo) March 28, 2017 […]

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Stee-RIKE!

According to the Nats, the White House cited a scheduling issue. — Barry Svrluga (@barrysvrluga) March 28, 2017 . Apart from booing the Coward-in-Chief, what’s on the agenda for the day? I asked a bunch of MLB teams if @realDonaldTrump is welcome to throw out the first pitch at their stadiums this year https://t.co/gG0DygjZlp — […]

Late Night Open Thread: Trumpcare, Not Dead Yet! (*Thunk*)

"I know that we're all going to make a deal on health care — that's such an easy one," @realDonaldTrump tells senators at WH tonight. — Jeff Zeleny (@jeffzeleny) March 28, 2017 So Trump has an approval rating in the low 30s w/ independents & below 10% with Dems. But Dems should work w/ him? […]

Open Thread: Gimme Sanctuary

"Things really aren't going well and people have noticed. We should hate on brown people more." "Get Jeff Sessions on the phone." — phillip anderson (@phillipanderson) March 27, 2017 Cue the Malevolent Leprechaun, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III : Attorney General Jeff Sessions announces actions against sanctuary cities https://t.co/6OZtrfIwim https://t.co/xQolsUrtWY — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) March 27, […]