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IOKIYAR Open Thread: Insecure Man Communicates Insecurely

President Trump is increasingly relying on his personal cell phone to contact outside advisers, multiple sources inside and outside the White House tell CNN https://t.co/CLPF3Wm8Jr pic.twitter.com/gQkYQenO2g — CNN (@CNN) April 23, 2018 Thank goodness Hillary Clinton, with her reliance on non-secured forms of electronic communications, is not the president of the United States. https://t.co/0o4SECL9ab — […]

Only in America Open Thread: The Waffle House Killings

The $2 million bond for Travis Reinking was just revoked by a judge. We got a lot of comments from locals (and beyond) as to why he would have been given bond to begin with. Under TN state law, all are entitled to it except death penalty cases (which this is not). pic.twitter.com/2cdiCZQrDI — Nick […]

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Culinary Ed for Jingoists

Just in: Dinner for tomorrow's state dinner with the Macrons pic.twitter.com/UOaOoezCIL — Kevin Liptak (@Kevinliptakcnn) April 23, 2018 Tonight is the Trump Occupancy’s first official state dinner, and somebody managed to persuade Lord Smallgloves that if he wanted a well-done steak with ketchup, he could eat his own meal early. (And you thought you hated […]

Late Night Horrorshow Open Thread: The Proper Commemoration of “Confederate Memorial Day”

Happy Confederate Memorial Day. Here's Vampirella making it rain Holy Water to ensure a bunch of treasonous slaver zombies stay f***ing dead. (Vampirella Monthly #1, 2010) pic.twitter.com/2r4B7VsubZ — Zeddy (@Zeddary) April 23, 2018 One of those “just in the family” things they don’t talk about in front of the Yankees, apparently, because I don’t remember […]

Monday Night Open Thread: Congrats to Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick was honored today with Amnesty International’s 2018 Ambassador of Conscience Award, which is given annually to someone who embodies the spirit of activism and courage. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) April 21, 2018 From GQ: Since being named GQ‘s Citizen of the Year, Colin Kaepernick has received Sports Illustrated‘s Muhammed Ali Legacy Award and […]

Breaking: Waffle House Shooter Safely in Custody

BREAKING: Murder suspect Travis Reinking is in custody. Arrested moments ago. pic.twitter.com/WwuDCXDCGQ — Metro Nashville PD (@MNPDNashville) April 23, 2018 The Waffle House shooting suspect was arrested behind the apartment complex where he was last seen, CNN’s Nick Valencia reports. https://t.co/1sy845br66 — Meg Wagner (@megwagner) April 23, 2018 Astonishingly (not), the guy who (allegedly) murdered […]

Open Thread: The DC Press Corpse & Its Greasy Thumb on the Political Scales

Amy Chozick’s “sometimes cubicle-mate” at the FTFNYT stands up to defend her, and his employer. One of a long twitter thread: Perhaps not every story we published about the e-mails met the standard of newsworthiness. But I think almost all of them did. Virtually every news organization in America made the judgment we did about […]