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Good News Open Thread: Light A Candle

From the Washington Post: … Charlotte and Dave Willner had seen the pictures of migrant children crying at the border. One in particular reminded them of their own 2-year-old daughter. The San Francisco area couple had heard — as much of the United States had by now — that President Trump’s administration has begun jailing […]

World Cup Open Thread, Day 7

Portugal v Morocco at 8am EDT; Uruguay v Saudi Arabia at 11am; Iran v Spain at 2pm. FIFA liveblog et al at the Google link. Travel tales of the host nation, from the Washington Post: … Moscow is the vibrant heart of this soccer celebration, welcoming tens of thousands of visitors — every last one, […]

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: There Are Still Heroes

A 15-year-old Corgi named Pepper went viral after getting lost in a storm. The owner of popular dog Twitter "We Rate Dogs" just happened to find Pepper, and fate helped bring the lost pup home. https://t.co/DtoC1Yj2bD pic.twitter.com/vdAKONONNd — CBS News (@CBSNews) June 19, 2018 As the owner of a 16-year-old rescue dog who still bolts […]

Space Farce Open Thread: To the MOON, Alice!

“Rich guys seem to like rockets,” Trump says, to chuckles from the room, after declaring he will return Americans to the moon. “Explain that. They do like rockets for some reason.” — Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) June 18, 2018 All the real billionaires, the Big Swinging Dicks, get to go on the TV and talk about […]

Child Internment Camps Open Thread: “But My RATINGS!”

I told y’all Nuzzi was a professional assassin: I would have waited until I was called on to play it, but I was not being called on. After another reporter’s phone began loudly ringing with a melodic jingle, I figured the briefing room could probably deal with a more important disturbance. — Olivia Nuzzi (@Olivianuzzi) […]

World Cup Open Thread, Day 6

Photo by renowned On-the-Road commentor Otmar. Columbia v Japan at 8am EDT; Poland v Senegal at 11am; Russia v Egypt at 2pm. (Funny how Russia gets the prime viewing time slots, eh? Or is that standard policy for the host country?) FIFA liveblog at the Google link.

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Dance Party!

HEY PHILLY this is important. 1,300+ people are already going: https://t.co/Qt7O4poP75 https://t.co/7310U76i7T — What's Pat Up To? (@WhatsPatUpTo) June 18, 2018   Spirit lifter from staunch commentor LAMH: So I’m watching anything else but more political news, and watching some of the MTV Movie/TV Awards…. And this happened: Chadwick Boseman won for best Hero for […]