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Lilly the Dog

Good evening denizens of Balloon Juice! John has been harassing me to post a photo of my new dog Lilly, so much so that one would think that it was personal affront to him that I had not done so. So here she is! She’s a papillon/pomeranian mix and she’s five years old. So far […]

#MotorcycleVagina: It’s a Thing Happening in North Carolina

Last week, the North Carolina GOP attached a bunch of abortion restrictions to an anti-sharia law. The outrage was such that Governor Pat McCrory vowed to veto it unless significant changes were made to the bill. Hooray! Except, no — not really. Even though it appears that Governor McCrory will keep his word and veto […]

Judge Edith Jones to Be Investigated for Alleged Racist Remarks

Chief Justice John Roberts is apparently not amused by the alleged racist antics of Judge Edith Jones, who sits on the extraordinarily conservative Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, located in Texas. Roberts has ordered the Judicial Council of the District of Columbia Circuit to review a Complaint of Judicial Misconduct filed by several civil rights organizations related […]

Update on #SaveBeatriz: El Salvador Ordered to Provide Beatriz Access to Life-Saving Care

Via RH Reality Check: The Inter-American Court of Human Rights in San Jose, Costa Rica, the highest human rights court in the Americas, handed down Thursday a decision ordering the government of El Salvador to provide Beatriz with life-saving care. It ordered the state to provide the measures necessary to protect her life, health, and well-being, as well […]