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FloridDuh! Woman: Electoral Edition

This is a little too on the nose for even Florida if you ask me. Laura Loomer files to run against Rep. Lois Frankel. Running Loomer’s campaign: Trump’s 2016 Florida state director, Karen Giorno FL-21 is a blue district, based in Palm Beach County, home to Trump’s winter getaway club, Mar-a-Lago pic.twitter.com/srDjzZtvu4 — Marc Caputo […]

Breaking! Congressman Ratcliffe Has Withdrawn From Consideration as Director of National Intelligence

As the drip, drip, drip of both how thin Congressman Ratcliffe’s (R-TX) resume is for the position of Director of National Intelligence and how much of that thin resume were either outright lies and/or pure embellishment made up by Congressman Ratcliffe himself, he has withdrawn himself from consideration. The President, of course, did not take […]

Dildos for Ireland Or the Ivory Phallus of Trallee: Operation Ireland’s Dildo Is a Go!

Welcome to Balloon Juice After Dark! You don’t see this every day! (h/t: Charles Pierce, who should definitely be hired to moderate a one of the Democratic primary debates!) Irish Twitter! A couple years ago a Victorian ivory dildo went up for auction and it made headlines. It was reportedly sold to an American private […]

Like The CNN Moderators, We Are Moving On, In The Interests of Time, To A New Debate Open Thread

And since people have been discussing my lack of a neck, here’s a recent selfie* I took: I even have my own action figure!* * This is actually Ted Cassidy, playing Bigfoot in place of Andre the Giant, in the two part episode of The Six Million Dollar Man entitled Bigfoot Returns. Open Thread!