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Separating the News Wheat from the Chaff: Bibi Promises (Threatens?) To Annex Israeli Settlements in the West Bank if Reelected

A whole lot of people are focusing on all the bizarreness and insanity from the President’s speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition that once again conflated American Jews with Israelis, as well as former Senator Norm Coleman’s equally bizarre, as well as idolatrous response. While it is important to pay attention to this stuff, including […]

Tuesday Evening Election Results

There were a few state and local elections today. The results are in for some, while the Wisconsin Supreme Court race still hasn’t finished. So I thought I’d put a thread up for some of the results. First up, Chicago’s next mayor is Lori Lightfoot. Mayor-elect Lightfoot is the first African-American woman to serve as […]

The Similarities Are Not Unlikely, the Connections Have Existed for Years, the Idea Held In Common Is Anti-Semitism, and the Facilitating Link is the Internet

On Saturday The BBC published an article entitled The Unlikely Similarities Between the Far Right and IS. The article begins with: Far-right extremists in Britain have been accessing terrorism material published online by the Islamic State group, counter-terrorism experts have told the BBC. They say neo-Nazis and other right-wing extremists have been studying methods of attack shared […]

Peter Ross’s, AKA efgoldman’s, Obituary

Thanks to commenter SiubhanDuinne, here’s Peter’s obituary: ROSS, Peter F. Age 73, of Cumberland, RI, formerly of Belmont, MA, and Brookline, MA, passed away March 25. He was, for nearly 20 years, a well-known voice to Boston as an announcer for classical radio station WCRB before beginning his second career working with Fidelity Investments in 1995, […]

Another Day in the Third Year After the End of the American Century

I’m sure Stephen Miller’s and Kirstjen Nielsen’s parents are so proud… Sitting in a nearly empty immigration court on Tuesday, the judge called the next case. In walks a 4-year-old Honduran girl, her hair in a dozen braids each with a black bow. She refused to sit in the chair. She preferred to sit next […]