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Tempering Expectations: Speaker Pelosi’s Strategic Calculus and the Assumption of Risk

The Democratic House Caucus has a meeting this afternoon. There has been a lot of speculation, especially in light of the seven first year Democratic representatives’ op-ed in favor of impeachment published last night in The Washington Post. The reporting, or rather the framing within the reporting, has shifted to Speaker Pelosi trying to see just how […]

An Actual Profile In Courage and Heroism: The Anniversary of Neerja Bhanot’s Bravery and Sacrifice Should Not Go Unremarked

(Neerja Bhanot) I meant to get to this on the 20th, but all the excitement from Infrastructure Week got me carried away with other matters. Thirty-three years and three days ago, Neerja Bhanot, a 23 year old flight attendant, risked and ultimately sacrificed her life protecting the passengers of Pan Am 73, during an attempted […]

Ken Vogel Has a Bullshit Story To Tell That Will Help the President and He Would Appreciate It if the President and Rudy Giuliani Would Shut Up Because They Are Screwing Up His Work!

Ken Vogel has a bullshit story to tell about Vice President Biden and his son Hunter Biden that would help the President’s reelection chances. Vogel’s story is bullshit, but he’s very upset that the President and Rudy Giuliani just won’t shut up long enough so that Vogel can peddle his bullshit. Here's @kenvogel of the […]

The Intelligence Whistleblower’s Life Is Over Because the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act Does NOT Actually Protect Intelligence Community and National Security Whistleblowers!

Right now only a very limited number of people know the name of the Intelligence official or officer who filed the whistleblower complaint with the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG). She or he is represented by a top national security lawyer, who is of counsel for a firm that specializes in national security law, classification, […]