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Bleg: Team Bella Q

Bella Q emailed and asked if I’d post this bleg for her. So here goes: 1 in 5. That’s the current estimate of how many people in the US will experience what’s known as a “mental illness.” Which is a misleading term because these are physical illnesses that can be fatal. Many of the conditions […]

In Other Breaking News (That the Networks Didn’t Carry…): There Was a Fire at the Al Aqsa Mosque Today Too!

While it isn’t surprising that the US news media didn’t cover it with seconds of breaking news, let alone hours of such coverage, there was also a fire today at the al Aqsa Mosque. طواقم الإطفاء تخمد حريقاً اندلع على سطح المصلى المرواني في المسجد الأقصى. pic.twitter.com/eMb59JGrsa — شبكة قدس الإخبارية (@qudsn) April 15, 2019 […]

Breaking News: The Stone Structure of the Cathedral of Notre Dame Has Been Saved

Structure of Notre-Dame saved from total destruction, Paris fire official says https://t.co/jpEv1jhr8u — BBC Breaking News (@BBCBreaking) April 15, 2019 The BBC is reporting that: 16:56 BREAKING‘Structure saved’ Reuters news agency is quoting an official with the French firefighting team as saying: “We can now say that the structure of Notre-Dame has been saved from […]