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One of Putin’s Other Useful Idiots Weighs In: Swanson TV Dinner Hour of White Power Glower Hour Edition

Tonight on The Swanson TV Dinner Hour of White Power Glower Hour, Putin’s other useless idiot has thoughts to share. Bozhe moi! oh god pic.twitter.com/wFUnoz6g10 — Andrew Lawrence (@ndrew_lawrence) January 30, 2019 I'll be on @FoxNews tonight at 8pm ET talking about @HowardSchultz & the Democratic Party establishment's treatment of independent candidates & voters. If […]

Operational Security is Painless, It Brings on Many Changes, and John Bolton Can Take or Leave It if He Pleases…

Ambassador John Bolton, the Assistant to the President – National Security Advisor (APNSA) and the Frank Burns of American national security professionals, is also a master of operational security! My eagle-eyed colleague spotted on Bolton’s notepad what sure looks like: “Afghanistan—>welcome the talks. 5,000 troops to Colombia” pic.twitter.com/Al4mCGJIfU — Ned Price (@nedprice) January 28, 2019 […]

A Preliminary Strategic Cultural Assessment of the US 2020 Political and Election Operating Environment

My bread and butter, in terms of analytical work, for the Army was doing cultural assessments. First at the tactical level and then at the theater and national strategic levels of operation. Much of the formats for these assessments were my creation because they largely didn’t exist in a formal sense until I was assigned […]