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The Peace Talks With the Taliban and Secretary Pompeo’s Statement That US Forces Have Killed 1,000 Taliban In the Past Ten Days

Shortly after BettyC put up her post yesterday about the President announcing by tweet that he had first invited the Taliban to a final round peace agreement negotiation and signing ceremony at Camp David and subsequently cancelled the invitation because the Taliban killed several US military personnel last week, I texted* the following to her: […]

Breaking News: The US Pulled One of Its Top Clandestine Officers from Russia in 2017 Amid Concerns He or She Would Be Burned

Infrastructure Week is off to a hell of a start! Exclusive: The US extracted one of its top spies from Russia in 2017, worried about exposure and Trump’s handling of intelligence https://t.co/frFteqOq8O pic.twitter.com/aBSDtEbtTF — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) September 9, 2019 Jim Sciutto has the exclusive at CNN (emphasis mine): Washington (CNN)In a previously undisclosed secret mission […]

Crisis in The Commons: Johnson Loses His Majority As Brexit Consumes the United Kingdom

Boris Johnson has lost his majority in The House of Commons. Here's @DrPhillipLeeMP going to sit with the Lib Dems. Govt no longer has a working majority pic.twitter.com/Vv9HBvF36s — Daniel Kraemer (@dcakraemer) September 3, 2019 And this won’t be the last defection today. Sir Nicholas Soames says he will vote against the government this evening. […]

Breaking News: Another Weekend, Another Mass Shooting in Texas

BREAKING: Police report "multiple gunshot victims" after suspect hijacks mail truck in Odessa, Texas, and begins shooting at random. — The Associated Press (@AP) August 31, 2019 As of now there are at least 5 dead and 21 wounded and/or otherwise injured in a mass shooting spree in Odessa, Texas. The shooter was killed by […]