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How Can We Miss You If You Won’t Go Away

Scoop from @lopezlinette: Stephen Miller refused requests to leave the set at CNN today and had to be escorted out. https://t.co/uLusqxd7W4 — Josh Barro (@jbarro) January 8, 2018 White House adviser Stephen Miller was escorted off the set of CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday after a contentious interview with host Jake Tapper. Two sources close […]

Anyone Ever Wonder Just How Marijuana Became Illegal In The US?

AL did a great job covering the political fallout from AG Sessions crusade against the demon weed, but what I almost never see discussed in all of the coverage is just how marijuana was deemed to be dangerous and became illegal in the US. It all comes down to one appointed official trying to protect […]

Floriduh Iguana! Wait, What?

Even while in New York, in the middle of a snowstorm, I get to write about South Florida's most bizarre winter phenomenon: cold-stunned iguanas. https://t.co/iYGA4G1BvU — Patricia Mazzei (@PatriciaMazzei) January 4, 2018 Beware the falling iguanas in South Florida. When temperatures dip into the 30s and 40s, people from West Palm Beach to Miami know […]

Let’s Do Something For The Real Forgotten Men and Women of the US: Toys For Puerto Rico

Despite the President’s and the White House’s Spokeswoman’s Office constantly harping on the forgotten men and women of America (aka the same cranky white conservatives that everyone has been pandering to for over 200 years), there are actually real forgotten Americans. They live in Puerto Rico. Many (most?) still don’t have reliable power and won’t […]