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Attorney General Barr Has Notified Congressman Nadler That He Will Not Be Appearing Tomorrow

Attorney General Barr has notified Congressman Nadler that he will not appear before the House Judiciary Committee tomorrow because he doesn’t believe that, as a Senate confirmed cabinet official, he is subject to questioning by committee staff – just by the elected members of the committee. Here’s the reasoning from the DOJ spokesperson: The simple […]

A Few Thoughts on the Venezuela Mess

This isn’t going to be a long post. I know Cheryl is working on a longer one/deeper dive that she’ll publish when she’s finished it, but I figured we should put something up. Right now the news I’ve seen out of Venezuela from today make it pretty clear that Juan Guiado’s Operacion Libertad is long […]

The Truth, the Wohl Truth, and Everything But the Truth: The Jacob Wohl Story

Jacob Wohl is the Carter Page of Jim Hofts. Bless his heart! Wohl also appears to have set up a company, Potomac Intelligence, to use in the scheme, complete with fake LinkedIn pages. Minutes after I called him and Burkman, the website was taken down, the LI pages deleted, and both its phone numbers disconnected […]

The Poway, CA Synagogue Shooting: Some Updated Information

Details are coming in to focus regarding the domestic terrorism attack, which will be charged as a hate crime because the domestic terrorism portion of the Federal terrorism statute does not include penalties, just a definition, at the Chabad of Poway, CA synagogue today. The shooter is a 19 year old named John T. Earnest. […]

Bleg: Team Bella Q

Bella Q emailed and asked if I’d post this bleg for her. So here goes: 1 in 5. That’s the current estimate of how many people in the US will experience what’s known as a “mental illness.” Which is a misleading term because these are physical illnesses that can be fatal. Many of the conditions […]