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Source material

Chris, in a comment to my post on Syria, Strategy, and Policy, asked me about what I look at for source material. While both Cervantes and BobS weighed in with some good recommendations, I promised I’d put something up for Chris yesterday. This has slipped to today. I’m going to break this into three parts […]

Happy Veterans Day

* Just a quick post to wish John, Soonergrunt, and all the other veterans who read and/or comment here at Ballon Juice, and those who don’t, a Happy and Healthy Veteran’s Day! It is, however, also important to remember as Shakezula at Laywers, Guns, and Money points out, that there are over 25 homeless veterans […]

Syria, Policy, and Strategy

Yesterday, Secretary of Defense Carter indicated that additional troops might be deployed to Syria in the future. Secretary Carter’s remarks were highly nuanced. He made it clear that any additional US Forces going to Syria would be contingent on identifying legitimate host country partners to partner with. This discussion of potential deployment of troops, however, […]


In the comments to Betty C’s sandwich post on Tuesday I promised I’d post my muffaletta recipe later in the week. Since things seem to be a bit slow, I think now is the time and here is the place! I learned how to make muffaletta while I was doing my masters in comparative religion. I […]

Moving Day

Tonight at midnight the trooping fairies will move the Seelie and Unseelie Courts to their winter demesne. This also means that tonight is the last night that The Fool is abroad on the wild hunt until next Spring. * So perhaps a little Halloween music is in order. Fairport Convention’s version of Burn’s Lay of […]