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And Now a Few Words from the Treaty of Tripoli Ratified in 1797: The US is not a Christian Nation Edition

* On June 7, 1797 President Adams received a unanimous ratification of the Treaty of Tripoli from the US Senate. This is significant for two reasons. The first is that this was the 5th United States Congress and had a significant number of founders and framers serving in it. So these were the men responsible […]

And Now a Few Words from President Washington: The Government of the United States which Gives to Bigotry No Sanction Edition

On August 21, 1790 President Washington sent a letter in reply to one which had been read to him on 18 August by Moses Seixas. Washington was making his first trip to Rhode Island and this was shortly after Rhode Island had ratified the Constitution. Seixas was a member and official of the Jewish synagogue […]

San Bernadino Updates

The LA Times is reporting, as of 15 minutes ago, that Law Enforcement has shot one suspect connected to the chase of a black SUV. It is unclear, however, if this is related to the mass shooting earlier today near the Inland Regional Center in San Bernadino. The FBI is being (appropriately) cautious in how they […]