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Site Slowdown Issue Update

Several people have been commenting that they are experiencing a site slowdown effecting commenting, loading, and/or reloading the site starting around midnight EST. I emailed Alain to see if he knew what was going on. He replied: “I suspect it’s web hosting-related, like backups being run. I’ll try to take a look and postpone to […]

The Gray Zone Attacked in Jakarta – Updated for Clarity (4:15 PM)

* The Islamic State attack in Jakarta earlier today is part of the same campaign as the Paris attack last November. While the Jakarta attack was no where near as successful in terms of casualties, including those killed, the objectives of the attack was the same as of last November’s in Paris. Islamic State has two objectives […]

Updated – Late Evening Breaking News: Bombings in Jakarta and Sydney in Lockdown

MikeJ in the comments to the previous thread has alerted us that there are some serious events occurring in Indonesia and Australia. There are reports of at least one, and possibly multiple explosions in Jakarta and a running gun battle there as well. In Australia the Sydney Opera House and Manly Wharf have been evacuated […]

Balloon Juice Bunker Standoff Day 10: Things are Getting Weird (Updated at 4:10 PM for Clarity)

Yesterday a sovereign citizen grand jury superior court judge arrived in Burns. What is a sovereign citizen grand jury superior court judge you ask? Basically its someone without any legal training, who is not admitted to the legal bar anywhere, is not a recognized judge by any official authority, and in this case sells electronics […]