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Happy Boxing Day!

Here’s a thread for everyone to describe their left overs and those gifts that you’d like to be able to pawn off on someone else. Or if you want to be overly literal, I highly recommend you watch HBO Films two documentaries on Ali-Frazier today. The first is entitled The Thrilla in Manila and deals with […]

This is How You Defeat the Islamic State and Other Islamic Extremists!

Yesterday Thanos at Little Green Footballs highlighted (highlit?) this CNN report about an attempted al Shabaab attack in Kenya. On Monday al Shabaab fighters stopped a bus who’s police escort had broken down, stormed onto it, and demanded that the Muslim passengers get off the bus so that they could easily identify and target the Christian […]

Shooting Simulations: What Do They Tell Us

Earlier, Anne Laurie posted about the recently staged, weapons free, mass shooting simulation/demonstration at the University of Texas. In that post one of the articles she links to and quotes from refers to a simulation done to determine if an armed responder would have been able to make a difference in preventing casualties or stop […]

Meat! Arrrr!

The other night Gogol’s Wife, in a comment thread, asked for my brisket recipe. And I’ve been teasing the standing rib roast I made on Tuesday night. With that in mind, and since our resident Doyenne of Digestibles has announced she was taking a bit of a recipe posting break, it is my pleasure to […]